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AXS of Evil Offering
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Evil Wreckoning lb
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From AG’s latest story on the gram, looks to be thebig ‘S’ on the headtube of her bike

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I run a needle bearing in the top mount on my carbon Warden. Made the Topaz feel even smoother on the small bump, low-speed stuff. The top mount has a lot of rotation, so a needle bearing is a good idea here. The bottom mount doesn't move too much, if at all, so need for one there.

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Very good shock, as I ran one last year without any real complaints. The only issue is not directly with this shock, but how the industry as a whole still uses bushings at the mounting points. For three bikes in a row now, I have swapped out to needle bearings, and they allowed...more

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You left out the best pedal ever made...T-Mac's