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I like these too. Went with the thin version and soft compound. Bought them for the half waffle to hopefully absorb some shock and add comfort. They definitely do that on regular trails. Eager to try these at the bike park to see how they affect hand fatigue.

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OK is see OP was when Obama was Pres and the world made at least some sense. Anyways! I ride with headphones when I'm training on my road bike. It definitely helps disguise the pain a bit. Sometimes it's nice to have that, sometimes not. Same thing when ... more »

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Bike park action = FS. Like you, I had only hardtails in my stable. One ancient 26" and a couple 29ers. I went modern trail FS bike a few years ago, but I also have modern hard tails because I still love riding them. A modern 'aggressive' HT can still ... more »

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I have a 2017 Sentier and love it. Sized up to a 19" where 17" was my recommended size (5' 10"). They might have lengthened the reach since then. If shopping online and looking at CRC, check out the new Ragley line too. I probably like my 2017 Ragley ... more »