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Reply to Unsanctioned Training at World Cup #1 in Losinj, Croatia? 4/7/2018 4:11 PM

I would love if blind racing was more a thing (but it's really difficult to enforce especially when there is a lot at stake) No doubt the top racers would do well but we might see some other riders shining. It takes another animal to read and commit ... more »

Reply to The Racer Inside All of Us..... 4/7/2018 2:05 PM

I'm 42 and still racing DH mtb, it has been probably 30 years spent between the tape. I live it like an addiction. If I know there is a local race close by and I'm not attending, I feel bad and sweating at my desk.. With job and kid duties, I have no ... more »

Reply to Body armor 2/1/2018 4:07 PM

Dainese jackets offer good protection and comfort even if they aren't as trendy these days. You can also look at the RXR body Armor (, it's lighter than the regular armor and it's filled with air so it absorbs shocks instead ... more »

Reply to Current Enduro Bikes, One bike to rule them all, or all hype? 1/29/2018 10:29 AM

I have been trying to build this one bike for year starting by adding a front derailleur to a Orange 222 many years ago. Each iterations were better and better especially when I got a Nomad v1 then v2. Current bikes are now amazing and I could live/travel ... more »

Reply to All Things Lourdes World Cup Downhill 2017 4/28/2017 9:05 AM

You stilll have time to log your predictions on!!!

Reply to MTB Ban Implemented Based on Strava Speeds 5/5/2016 3:05 PM

I actually talked with Strava CFO but it's not that secret :

Reply to MTB Ban Implemented Based on Strava Speeds 5/5/2016 1:02 PM

Strava business is actually to sell your data to local governments and whatnot. They are not distributing KOM because they like you. The same way Facebook is not here to publish your cat pictures but to sell your profile to advertisers. When you use ... more »

Reply to Trail Policing at Established Spots 9/8/2015 12:05 PM

I actually try few years ago not to police the area but to build some communication channel with some of the owners (city of SD, DFG) and we made some progress towards establishing legal DH trails in this area and to establish some rules ( define areas ... more »

Reply to Bar Height 5/1/2013 11:48 AM

I think it's also depend on your size, I'm 5'6 on a medium frame, so i don't ride with a Seatpost really long so it makes sense for me to run a fairly low cockpit to be balanced on the bike. on my DH bike I have a low rise bar and on my Enduro I have ... more »