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1. "They dont give a monkey about saftey" why do they wear protective gear. Why do riders become depressed when they are not able to ride because of injury.nobody likes injury and risk its just something thats involved in the sport.

Dont make overly simplified statements that make the sport look stupid or caveman like. Cycling is a passion that has risk and with that reward. They arent looking for a cheap trill but rather to exceed and surpass their goals that differ between athlete.

2.wrestlers and gymnasts both require balance/speed and strengh; of which are harder and more costly to develop due to injury and natural limitations. Of all natural sports(ie without bikes or cars) the best athletes in the world are sprinters and marathon runners (the most straining mentally and physically)

3. Golf is a dying sport, however it is one of the top five sports in the world in terms of participation. Its more mental than physical and is impossible to master. No you dont have to be a fat old geezer to golf but you have to sacrifice your life to be good at it. If all sports could be mastered in 10,000 hours golf would take 5x that. Fyi golf is an olympic sport.

Dont bash other sports

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