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From Gymnastics to Rampage: The Story So Far with Bienvenido Aguado Alba

Learn more about the Spanish free rider who collected the Best Trick, People's Choice, and McGazza Spirit awards at last year's Red Bull Rampage.

After collecting the Best Trick, People’s Choice, and McGazza Spirit awards during his breakthrough ride at Redbull Rampage in 2023, Bienvenido Aguado Alba takes time to lift the lid on his daily life in Barcelona, Spain. “The Story So Far” reveals Bienve’s upbringing and background starting at the dirt jump paradise La Poma, which kicked off his 14 year partnership with YT Industries.


Let's go back to the start, before your mountain bike journey. What were you doing before riding mountain bikes?

I was a guy working five days a week in the emergency service, whilst also doing gymnastics, acrobatics and parkour in my free time. I was looking for something in my future that involves sport, but I didn't know at the time it was going to be riding bikes.


When was the moment you knew becoming a professional freerider was a possibility?

There was a point in 2018 when YT gave me a carbon TUES. I realised that bike was the best thing ever, and that made me want to switch from slopestyle to the freeride scene.

Tell us about some of your biggest career highlights over the past 14 years.

Pretty sure my first big career highlight is when I landed the first mountain bike double front flip, at Masters of Dirt in Spain. Was also pretty stoked about the world record 100ft front flip at Darkfest back in 2021 – that was a big highlight for me. Lastly the 2023 Rampage result. It was an awesome feeling to get the peoples recognition about my riding, and all the effort put into that run. So I will say those three are the main ones.


What’s been your favourite YT Industries bike to ride so far?

So far the TUES in a size small frame, setup with stiff suspension for big jumps. This is the way I like to go.


Aside from riding, what other hobbies do you have?

Right now I’m addicted to speed moto, riding CBR600’s on concrete go kart tracks and medium sized tracks – it's just so good. Love it so much because it’s quite an effort physically and mentally.

What elements of your lifestyle help you develop as a rider?

I will say the way I live keeps me active, and my brain is always thinking about jumping on the bike. Riding moto also helps a lot physically and mentally. I’ve found my peace every morning walking the dogs, and then I can organise myself and what I want to do. I will say that’s the routine, which is something that helps me keep focused.


You must be stoked on your performance at last years Rampage, picking up three awards. Going back is there anything you’d do differently?

Yes, I will definitely add some stimulus to my run and go straight down, instead of having to cruise to one of the sites to get to a cool zone. I just want to get straight down, ride fast and do some tricks whilst trying to be a podium contender.


What are your goals for moving forward for 2024?

It's basically my freeride project with YT and Rampage. I want to win Rampage and make you guys the happiest dudes ever.


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