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I rode it in August and was happy just to get down it alive. This dude is haulin' ass! Big respect!!

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That statement holds for the late 90s only! The Comp 16 and Comp 24 were successful and popular up until the point Maxxis released the High Roller in Super Tacky. From that point on they were redundant. That would have been around 2001. Comp 32s barely ... more »

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The lower pivot on the new carbon Gambler is much lower than last years prototype. The proto they were running last year appeared to be the old gambler front triangle with a new Horst link rear end bodged on. From what I heard (from a friend of one of ... more »

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There's a crazy heat wave in Adelaide at the moment and it has been around 40 degrees Celsius the last few days. (104 for you Americans). I wouldn't be surprised if the thing just overheated and flamed up!

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Amaury and Loic are blazing fast and have to be the favorites here for sure. But Troy has been building towards winning this race. He's been consistently building speed and will be confident after winning Crankworx. Everyone underestimates him and is shocked when he actually wins! But he is always up there.
With the Gwinjury and Minnaar in crash mode I don't see them taking it out.
In Junior men, it's more of a case of "will Kye Ahern stay on his bike and flog everyone or crash and burn?" He won every race he stayed on his bike this year!

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I think you've jumped the gun a bit on 29 vs 27.5 with both current DH and EWS champs running 27.5, but I agree it is silly not to do a 29 version. And yeah, reduced spoke counts are balls!! I just want 32 non-proprietary, j-bend spokes on my wheels.
But then, I prefer to select the rim and hub combo of my choice and build them myself, as well as truing and maintaining them myself, so I guess I'm not the target market!

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I've got the same Nukeproof Horizon pedals that Sam runs on my DH bike and the standard pins are super long. Pretty sure Sam's setup is the standard pins with the spacer washers removed to make them full height. I've left the spacer washers in and finding ... more »

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50 short people. 455mm reach? lol

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A trophy truck also runs all that sag to maintain forward momentum through big hits without getting sent. Keep in contact with the ground and you stay in control. Which is also what we are talking about on dh bike. Traction for drive is only half the ... more »

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Intense M16 runs 240mm travel in the big setting and my Propain Rage runs 220mm. Lets you run more sag and does feel trophy truck-esque when you are bombing in a straight line. I can still pump it through features pretty well though and it corners amazingly. ... more »

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If you're going to have just one bike, then for sure a 160mm enduro rig. You can ride just about anything on it and have fun. For most people riding for fun, this makes sense. If you think you can be a serious DH or XC racer on it though, you are kidding ... more »

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Enve appear to believe it's time to rethink rim design, adding an extra piece between the rim and tyre. Didn't seem to work so well for Minnaar though... For me the issue isn't so much pinch flats or sidewall cuts, it is protecting the rims from damage. ... more »

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You are just trolling right? Integrated air bladder = innertube