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Hubs were available (Sven took pictures of the hub separate in Lourdes even) for race rigs but the extra hoops didn't show up in time to have them laced to new race wheels before heading back to Europe. Additionally the BuzzWorks headset is entirely new for the 29" version and they were running those headsets on their bikes in Lourdes. Look out for the real deal BOOST 20x110 at Ft. William.

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I wholeheartedly disagree: drunkwarner and freecaster made racing great again.

We're seeing the result of having 'a future'. Not showing anywhere near the entire field coming down the course, wasting 20 minutes explaining what a bike is instead of showing racing, and a severe lack of Warner's...more

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He's a Fox Factory Tech on the WC circuit. Though I could see where the Radon connection might be made, being German and all.

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Agree with @Iceman2058 and @peecee on this one. Does look more like the Summum frame in the shadow, rear linkage location and opening in the front triangle. Although it is confirmed the Atherton's will likely be on 29ers this year: ... more »

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Thats two things

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having built one of those wheels, spoke windup was actually worse. there was no way to move the spoke at the hub, just at the end near the rim. which means the force from your wrench was having to travel along the...more

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A Sprag clutch is very similar, but different than that of the roller clutch used in "Stealth Hubs/True Precision". Onyx themselves have been around a while. Both systems have been used for decades in industrial applications, so you're right, neither are "new". Both systems have been tried by Shimano and some early prototype Chris King hubs back in the day too.

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Greg Minnaar - 3:31:513
Tahnée Seagrave 4:09:855

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killer bike. The seat pulls everything together perfect!

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