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Truth. Just ride the damn bike and have fun.

Anyone else think Guy Fieri after reading/viewing this PR post? This dank donkey sauce nacho gear is off da hook!!!!

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With the caveat that I'm not into moto, or familiar with the brand... when I view and read this page I get a vibe of this being the Ed Hardy of Mountain Biking. I could be wrong, but just saying.

50:01 seems more just having fun as a dirty mountain biker and less about putting a lot of...more

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I thought I heard somewhere that the Ohlin dh fork was running something like 220mm or ~9in travel. Can anyone confirm this?

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Hahahaha. So he used 26 a week ago and a week later it's not available?


More first ride reports please

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Guess what rider is able to move his COG over a greater distance between wheelbases? A taller or shorter rider? I'm tall and am considering a 29er for my next bike but I'm in favor of regulating wheel size for downhill since shorter folks can't physically manuever their weight between two points as much as a taller rider. The problem I see is that we approaching a point where we are reaching the limit for some body types and not others. Since force vectors are what they are this means that those that can handle larger wheels will do so with less cumulative opposing wheel force than those riding smaller wheels. At a professional level where seconds actually matter I think that is crap. This isn't rocket science and this is going to be a thing because the UCI allowed it to be.

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Didn't the flat tire epidemic coincidence with the Schwalbe epidemic?

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Didn't they hire the ex Crank Brothers CEO to run Intense a couple years ago? Seems like that move has resulted in a lot of similar problems that plagued CB. I mean, Intense was never known as a quality driven brand and their older models had their problems, but now it seems that products and bikes are being designed and released at blazingly rapid pace. From a strategy perspective they've outsourced to a horizontally integrated supply and development chain. Lastly, their sales model seems to be more hyper focused on B2B sales considering the oversaturation of internet retailer 'sales' of Intense bikes lately. Their bikes sure have some nice finishes now. My hunch is that Intense is implementing somewhat more shrewd practices to build up the businesses 'value' as an entity. This is all good if the corporate goals are to be acquired, sell a share of the company eventually, or to just grow and become more profitable. Its hard to begrudge a company for working towards those things. Yet I get the feeling that starting from the top down, the balance of prioritization is off with Intense when it comes to where quality stands.

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Where are the details on what makes this a prototype?

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UCI is a racket in the the same vein that FIFA or IOC are. Once you realize this it's pretty easy to understand.

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Please find my first post on this thread and the response. If you read between the lines it basically sums up all you need to know. Cliff Notes.... This is a for profit entity that exists to provide us with content that is paid for by bike businesses. ... more »

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Because this forum is part of a marketing business.

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So if you have confirmed information on signings do you not drop the news due to fear of being blacklisted and potential advertiser impacts to this website? Been curious how the dichotomy of 'marketing conduit' and that of information published for public ... more »

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Here is some non sponsored content industry insider information. This technology is still in the very early stages and it will likely be many many many years till we see it take off for say biking applications. Some of the reasons below; 1) IP. Thanks ... more »

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C138_screen shot 2012-07-10 at 12.22.33 pm

There is also the Enduro EVO models that have yet to be released.
See here

This bike will boast 180mm travel front and rear and is the reason the Big S will be dropping the SX Trail. Me thinks this will be a beefed up and more DH oriented version that some of you folks are calling for.

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