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Added a comment about slideshow BRUTAL BATTLE - Enduro World Series Millau, France 7/5/2017 1:00 AM
BRUTAL BATTLE - Enduro World Series Millau, France

Wonderful movie and coverage. What upset me a lot is when they talk about the "french advantage" to be in Millau.Maybe, the advantage is for all the local when they are in their country, for example Wyn Master in new Zealand, Greg in Ireland, Sam Hill who trains all winter in Finale, Barnes who spent one month on a stadium parking in his trailer, exploring all the local trails, 2 months before Samoens in 2015, so there is an advantage, but like for some other riders in other country. Maybe because in the other country, 1 or two can be at the top, when you are in france, 5 to 10 can fight at the top.... Also, there is a new guy in town, and it's Adrien Dailly. Remember who is training him since some years, it's Nicolas Vouilloz. And, dont forget the others, Flo Nicolaï, who is always between 5 to 10, Théo Gally, who is sometimes in the 10, Alex Cure, who already won some stages, and Dim Tordo who is time to time battling against Flo in the local championship. Also, Millau looks like the soth east of france, where all these riders train. If you want to be fair, you raise a secret race, with the destination 2 weeks before, and you make them ride blind. You will see who is the best....

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