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It happened a while back in Australia with the creation of Mountain Biking Australia (MTBA) a separate body from Cycling Australia years ago. Since they've kind of kissed and made up...

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So we can chalk another one up for team rumours then...?! http://www.downhill247.com/downhill-posts/inside-info-team-talk-part-2/

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Not sure if the pic is reffering to Tracey but she is back, she plans to ride Worlds 2012 this is her site: http://traceyhannahracing.com/news.html TB won't be with Monster/Specialized (don't even know if the team will continue, that's the rumour!)

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Spot on K.Shiz, next thing you know spectators will have to stand 5m away from the side of the course to get out of the 3 minute shot (and to protect against liability issues from flying roost!)