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I feel there should be some kind of structured union that gives all the athletes a safe place to go to and find links to their needs and wants where people will work together to not only help get proper insurance for the athletes, but set up sponsorship options for athletes and give them advice on how make a future for themselves, work closely with companies to build these events and make them more structured for the athletes to a point where it's much more beneficial for all parties involved. almost seems like the UCI should become a big name partner for FMB. That will open lots of doors for athletes. Agree or disagree I would happy to hear what everyone thinks of these ideas. (I didn't think all this through) just wrote what came to mind. I have lots of ideas that come to mind but overall I'm kind of bummed that Rampage all of a sudden has this black eye because of this crash, where as we've seen multiple crashes over the years and this one sparks all the news and uprising. I wish nothing but the best of every single person and I am glad people are now trying to stepup and raise a needed voice. But in doing so remember to look at both sides of the coin both rider and promoter view points and when doing so it will take some of the heatedness out of the context and help give a better idea and clear prospective. If Redbull or any other governing party takes over there will far more rules and regulations and strict guidelines... remember what is being asked for and weight all the points with equal thought and try hard to leave the emotions at the door. Remember the name of this game is "Free Ride Mountain Biking" it has that name for a real good reason.

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I hope you all read this because it's something of a "fact". I write insurance, some pretty crazy policies too sometimes, and one thing to understand is that THERE IS NO INSURANCE POLICY FOR THIS TYPE OF EVENT!!! Sure, you race a USAC bike race, you get...more

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