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Washington State Capitol Forest (DNR) Friends of Capitol Forest @friendsofcapitolforest Capitol forest, Northslope trails and SBH

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For 2021, it's better to skip the 36 and DPX2 and rather take something else. Having them on a a new bike, they are ok, but expected them to be the highlight of the bike. To be honest, it is the biggest let down of all the equipment.
The 36 when set soft - dives a lot,...more

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Agreed. Pretty talented cyclist. What I heard was "Do this impossible line, then set up wide for that impossible line, then square off this turn so you can get into this other unrideable off-camber root section..."

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Not really a rumor. You can see the new Jekyll on the Waves riders instagrams. The queston is, will the "SE" model come with a dual crown fork!!??

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Camera courage may have insighted a few to test limits. :D

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If you’re chasing down air leaks at the spokes, it’s because you did a crap job on the tape or the valve. Tubeless isn’t brainless yet, so if you haven’t been through the wringer yet learning the hard way about tape and valves, it would be easier to learn tubeless without the added...more

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Custom Yeti SB150 Build by

I want to hate the colors on this bike, but I don't. Somehow it works. kudos

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Hollywood Gainey

This is great, thanks for posting.

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You should really just use this bike when you shuttle too, so that way maybe the kids can keep up with you on the downs! #fortheoldguys

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That was the BEST!

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Added a comment about press release Get Rowdy in the All-New Handup Super Stretch Jorts! 7/1/2020 9:12 PM
Hollywood Gainey

I want to meet these guys to hear the pitch they gave to investors. They have literally created an item that was originally created by someone to cheap to buy riding shorts or knee pads....

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Added a comment about news blog RESULTS: Downhill Southeast #1, Windrock Seeding 6/6/2020 9:40 PM
Hollywood Gainey

I wondered who would travel to race right now. Curious who will show up for round one of NWcup too

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some bonus footage rider/edit Jason Gainey camera Peter Barrette

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Alert! The crew of Transition Bikes appears to have deeply infiltrated the North West Cup organization at the highest levels. The team here at Vital MTB will begin a deep, deep investigation into this heinous crime. It may take some time, but we will find the answers and bring all to light...

Added a new video get after it 5/26/2020 10:21 AM

While I am in my 40's, and have a bad knee (and other ailments), I do not not make that my excuse for riding an E-bike. I simply enjoy riding bikes, as often as possible. The Covid crisis sent me home from work, leaving me with time on my hands. I quickly found new benefit in having multiple bikes in a garage. A friend, a bike, and a camera can always make for an enjoyable day in the woods. After the last couple months this is especially true. I am lucky enough to live close to trails that remained open during this time. Riding from my house everyday and building trails helped keep me active, yet isolated from others. A fellow rider and trail builder, Peter, was in a similar scenario. We had previously begun work on intersecting trails with friends Aidan and Keith, but social change would ultimately allow time for the trails to be built faster and with more love than we had imagined. At that time it was suggested that if you must drive to recreate it is probably too far from home. Using my E-bike, I was able to get out more often and carry more equipment to the trail area. We both finished our trails just as the local orders started to be raised. At that point we were able to create and finish a joined entrance to the trails last week. This video is a compilation of multiple trails in the SBH network, showcasing our new trails, and some classics of the area. It has been great having both a standard and E-bike in my garage. The number one thing that keeps me off my bike is the need to rest my legs. Riding the E-bike has become my go-to activity on recovery days, a great way to keep at a steady heart rate, and spin my legs. Thanks to the E-bike I have noticed a strengthening to my core fitness as well. Its pace and weight creates a need for constant maneuvering on single track climbs and undulating trails. The E-bike has been a great addition to the garage. I must admit though, it brings the saying "everything in moderation" to mind if I find myself on it two days in a row. Enjoy the ride.

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Carbon MRP G2 SL

Bring back the silver, black, chrome XO colors!

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