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Added a comment about product review Vital Long-Term Review - Orbea Rise E-Bike 10/29/2021 10:06 AM

You need to order the 160MM air spring from fox, and get a 216x63 rear shock. This guy also added offset bushings with his conversion but other owners who have converted to 275 rear have gone without it.

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Added a comment about news blog RESULTS - 2021 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships Downhill 8/29/2021 9:15 AM

Had to post something because I have been screaming at the screen in utter disbelief at the GOAT! What a great race overall. Angel has to be kicking himself, and Dak's crash from being an inch off his line on that root highlights just how precise these guys have to be to get to the sharp end. So stoked for Greg, what an absolute animal.

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Added a comment about news blog RESULTS - Loris Vergier and Vali Höll Fastest in World Champs Downhill Qualifying 8/27/2021 9:27 AM

Luca and Dak! Dooley the 3rd fastest American time. Stoked to see that with all the (keyboard warrior) drama going into it. Brook's crash is so scary. Gutted for Grice, and Loris looks to be on a different pace than everyone else in all the RAW. Love world champs!

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Added a comment about product review Vital Long-Term Review - Orbea Rise E-Bike 8/11/2021 11:35 PM


New Rise M10 owner here. I have held out on heavy Ebikes beacuse couldn't get my head around how different of an experience they would be to just mountain biking. This bike piqued my interest when it came out. I finally pulled the trigger after this long term review and knew that if I hated it I could sell if for no loss. This is my first 29er (currently have a 2017 nomad with a push on the back and a 2019 5010, my "wife's" bike that just so happens to be the right size for me).

I recently moved from the Bay Area where I only rode in Santa Cruz, to Ashland, Oregon. Completely different ball game when it comes to trails. SC is perfect, short, fall-line laps with a mellow 1.5 mile climbing trail, Ashland is either shuttle to the top, ride the lower trails near town, or slog hard up as far as you can make it on the fire road to get the upper mountain's less blown out trails. I do all of those.

I am approaching 40 with two young kids, full time job and sporadic childcare. I/m 5'10 165 and pretty bike/snowboard fit but not proper fit as in I don't work out and love beer. My first bike was a Univega Dual Action Sport that I payed full retail for when I was 12 using all my own $ from mowing lawns back in 1996. I have ridden the wave of MTB evolution throughout my riding career (Kona Stinky Dee-Lux with Shivvers up front) and was always pissed at incremental standard changes during that process, especially with wheel sizes and axles. I have to say the joy of getting that Univega and ripping down fire roads in the late 90s as a pre-pubescent Tomac fanboy for the first time has been repeated throughout my career with epic hero dirt days, far off exotic (for me) bike trips and first time sends that gradually got bigger and less hospital bound. But the first time I took the Rise out for a proper mission, which was my first ride on it, first ride on a a 29er and an Ebike, that sensation and giddiness and newness of experience on two wheels was overwhelming. I climbed 4K vertical in an hour (80% battery consumption for your NERDS), and ripped 12 miles of singletrack descent on an Ebike that was indistinguishable from an analogue mtb. It's literally the pinnacle of my bike purchasing career, and it better be for that price tag.

A two hour ride around here doesn't even get you to the top of the good descending on the Nomad. What I can do with my limited 2 hour windows on the Rise is truly astounding, and it is a fucking Hoot.

The bike is super neutral, well planted, and easy to get along with straight out of the box. I am getting used to the 29 rear wheel and longer CS, but I am getting it to flick and slash more with each ride. I will be bumping up the fork travel to 160 since my main riding style has developed with longer travel bikes, and eventually will experiment with the 160 mullet, but for now, I am blown away. YES, the motor rattle is, in my opinion, inexcusable. NO, it does not detract from your ride within 30 seconds of dropping in.

The stock display is perfect for what this bike is trying to do. I love not having a screen on the bars. However, I have been in the market for a watch that monitors my heart rate due to a heart condition, so once I got the bike I bought a Garmin that could offer a battery life % display for the Rise. Although slightly clunky tech vs what I am used to from Apple and their phones, it is a great adder for this bike and super useful outside of riding.

BIGE vs. Little E
Trail mode on my bike vs my buddy's Norco is slower, Turbo on mine vs his Trail is slightly faster. It is not an issue with us and our range is pretty close if I manage my modes actively on a 4K fire road climb with varying pitches. I am a kool-aide drinking little E man for sure, but I have ordered the range extender for bigger days so recognize the value of MOAR.

Second ride out I sent it on one of our shuttle trails, which I self-shuttled up comfortably and solo in 35 mins on my Rise. The descent starts super steep on the upper section with chunky, loose rocks and awkward, steep mini-drops scattered throughout a slim ribbon of trail. I was over confident and forgot I wasn't on the Nomad and went OTB. I ripped the cable from the LED indicator box that routes into the frame (at the internal cable routing entry port in the headtube) and the bike was suddenly analogue. Luckily it was an up and down mission and I was at the top of the descent. Long story short I ended up tearing the bike down and dropping the motor as I lost the seat post dropper cable from the seat tube into the downtube while trying to put everything together after I replaced the broken section of e-cable). This proved to be educational and time consuming. I took all the frame mounting bolts out for the motor but the last one required removing the chain ring, which on an Ebike I discovered, requires a special socket from Shimano or Park tool. Super tight tolerances on clearance from the outside of the socket to the inside of the lip of the center of the chainring FYI.

Got a LBS to take the chainring off, brought the stripped bike home, removed the motor and re-routed the seatpost cable housing, then brought the frame back to LBS to put the chain ring back on. I am ordering that socket FYI because you have to be able to wrench on your own bike with the right tools, even if you suck at wrenching. I managed to replace the torn e-cable, put the motor back in correctly and properly torqued, and put the rest of the bike together successfully and prayed to Jah when I pressed the power button. It all worked.

My second major issue was on big ride #3 after the above fix when my non-driveside crank fell off climbing a remote singletrack trail. This was due to the torque specs on the E13 crank cap being too low and has been a known problem for many Rise owners based on the E13 bulletin and my dealer's customer feedback. Not cool to think you are invincible managing battery on a motorized light MTB way out of cell range and have your crank fall off. The cap is lost and replacement is in the mail but this is a big issue that buyers should know about. E13's bulletin about it is here:

So for potential buyers of this bike, I offer some unsolicited advice:

1. If you can muster up cash, haven't jumped into the Ebike world and love to just ride your bike, but are thinking about ebikes, this is a fucking ripper platform to start with.

2. Tape your electronic cable to your other traditional cable housing in your cockpit so as to avoid tearing your new bike down to the frame and reassembling it just to replace a cockpit cable.

3. Don't tape anything and learn how to rip that bike apart, it seems daunting to wrench on an ebike but it is worth learning how they work from ground up, not as foreign as you may think.

4. Secure your crank caps according to the new guidelines put out by that E13 bulletin and get some loctite.

5. Don't be an asshole on an Ebike with other trail users. turn the thing off or slow the fuck down when passing anyone uphill, hikers, bikers, equestrians...

6. Give your local health care worker a fucking break and get a jab. The internet is bad for your brain, listen to your friends in medicine who are about to throw in the towel, think outside of yourself and look around

7. Be stoked that we have the privilege to spend this much time passionately reading some assholes experience with an expensive adult toy, and that you have made it this far in a comment section, go high five your closest mate.

Closing statement: I love riding bikes, VitalMTB speaks to my soul (Thank you Spomer and Sven, Et Al.) bikes are only gonna get better and hopefully more accessible to more people, which will hopefully help us muster up the support needed to build and maintain more trails around our great country. I ain't got nothin' but love over here, got no time for hate.

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Added a comment about video 'Have you not seen those woods!?' | Downhill Practice with Eliot Jackson in Leogang 6/11/2021 3:41 PM

To say that I'm stoked for Eliot that he got this job would be a lie. I'm more stoked for myself that I get to watch him present all season. Can't think of a better fit for the job, he's a smart, well spoken class act. World Cups are BACK!

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Added a comment about member blog Girls Gotta Eat DIRT 4/6/2021 11:09 PM

I think you are 50% right in that assessment that you are a late 30s curmudgeon, and the cross-threading pedals reference almost saved that post. This appears to be a well put together and to me, genuine edit of a unique group of friends lucky enough to have found themselves in this position at this time in their lives in a very unique part of the world to tell a compelling story of what most of us want in riding bikes: youth, skill, and friends to push us and give us shit. The only thing out of place for us long-time VitalMTBers are that they are young women, who can definitely manual way better than 80% us late 30s curmudgeon's on this site. I'm all for it and was stoked on this vid.

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Added a comment about video LUCA and WALKER SHAW - Vital RAW, Kanuga Bike Park 3/9/2021 8:41 PM

4:47 was an absolute SNIPE. Jeesus the pace they carry.

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Added a comment about press release Wild Rye x Pivot Apparel Collab Launch 3/8/2021 9:46 AM

Hell yeah Cassie!

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Added a comment about product review An Excellent Value on a Solid Kids Mountain Bike - 2021 Commencal Ramones 20 Review 2/18/2021 10:49 AM

Got a Ramones 14", then a 16" for my daughter, who will be 5 in March. She's tall for her age so will most likely go to 20" by fall. My 2 year old hasn't grown enough to stride on the 14" without pedals but he's getting extremely fluent on my daughter's old strider. The access kids have these days to steady progression on real bikes that mimic bigger mtbs is amazing. The Commencal's have some heaft to them across their entire range but to be honest, 4 year olds don't ride up hills well, and the bike is so solid on the descents. Headed to Bachelor this summer for some beginner laps on the Little Pine lift and am very confident in that bike's ability to keep her upright while cruising down. Glad to see Commencal lead the pack with their line and glad to see more companies offering quality affordable bikes for kids that will see a lot of hand me down usage for years. Now if I can just get my hands on Nathan Riddle's custom made bike he just gave to his son once he's done with it... Dad of the Year right there.

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Added a comment about press release Fear Nothing - Forbidden Bike Co Launches the Dreadnought 2/3/2021 10:01 AM

Extremely interested in this bike, and the colors are fantastic, loud as hell or matte black. Pretty small company putting together a very unique and refreshing take on modern mountain biking, complete with mullet options and multiple coil shocks. If you think about the markups on bigger brands and their production efficiencies, plus pandemic everything, the frame shock options are certainly pricey but not outrageous for what you get.

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Added a comment about video UK TRAIL SLAPPING - Vital RAW with Sam Cofano and Jake Gilfillan 1/15/2021 12:53 PM

This kids rip. Also, if that Hightower is Rat's old one and he gave it to Jake, that dude just got even cooler in my book.

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Added a comment about press release All Carbon Everything...Specialized's $1,000 Kids Bike 12/3/2020 8:55 PM

I think an S Works adult bike is an adult decision to buy a top of the line item for a pursuit they have taken their own interest in. A lot of those customers can appreciate the top line spec and it brings more joy out of the overall experience. Sure some of the people that buy their own S Works buy it because they can, the same attitude towards buying this bike. As thejake said kids this little have no comprehension of what this bike is and they don’t care. They don’t even wipe their own ass, literally. It’s a carbon bike for the sake of it, which seems pretty tone-deaf from a global perspective. And Specialized does a lot for bicycle charity and cycling in general. This just seems like a strange thing to promote, a toddler super bike.

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Added a comment about video Did Christmas Just Come Early?! FEST Sessions is Here 12/1/2020 1:53 PM

Literally hard to process the scale of this. The speed going into the massive doubles is mad.

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Added a comment about video Brandon Semenuk Turns an Abandoned Mine into the Ultimate Line | Raw 100, Version 6 10/14/2020 12:48 PM

What the f. Start to finish, what.the.f.

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Added a comment about video Somehow the Middle of the GoPro Stayed Clean for Jack Moir's World Champs Run 10/13/2020 11:59 AM


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Added a comment about video PINNED IN IRELAND - Greg Callaghan Vital RAW 8/16/2020 11:53 AM

Pinned! So satisfying to watch, and that green frame, absolutely flossed.

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