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Weird and expensive. For every enduro sold how much is going to that ridiculous video? On a unit to unit basis, its more than $1. Over produced. Next to no riding. The story sucked.

Give me some raw ripping and fun-having. Leave the "I hope I get to produce the next Stranger...more

Started new thread How many pros CAN'T manual? 7/30/2019 11:02 AM

As a long time manual/wheelie failure, I am curious how many pros can't rock a manual? Nico Vink's recent vid really drove it home that I suck at bikes in so many ways...

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RoPo cornering speed is difficult to process.

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Sam Hill gains 30 pts on Florian Nicolai (1270 vs 1490). With Jesse and Martin effectively out of the race for the overall, these two will be duking it out for the last half of the season.

Theoretically, if Sam gets 2nd in each of the last 4 races, and Florian keeps...more

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That settles it, Vink is King.

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Remember when XTR hubs laced to 517s was the hot shit wheelbuild? And suddenly alloy nipples came out and you could get some fancy looking shits? And your shop would handbuild them and it'd be like 600 bucks? And then Crossmax and Deemax wheels came out and they were like $800 and everyone...more

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Specialized pants on both of them. #teamrumors2020

EDIT: maybe they're just his friend's pants, since, you know, he 'forgot his kit' or something.

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It's north of Trinidad, Colorado.

Added a comment about photo JD Swanguen with the Powell Peralta Intense M16 6/16/2019 9:43 PM

Was just wondering about him and if he was riding anymore. I remember Dark Timbers days where this steezy ass mofo was ahead of the game with an open faced moto lid and whips for days on a bitchin' Intense (Tazer?) hardtail, apparently 9 years ago! .

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80. Needles. Mongo. Enough said, let's get it done. Also, Round 3 coverage is knocking it out of the park. VITAL!

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IMO hugo has the best scrub, because he looks effortless in those photos, no forced move and (but it could be the angle of the photo) he looks to be the lowest.
Don’t get me wrong, they are all fantastic but the others seems to do an agressive move unlike frixtalon who looks to be lighter on the...more

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Well there is no wrong answer.

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If you look at the height of the elbow during the initiation of the scrub, Hugo and Mitch have it. The aggression in Finn's sequence is palpable, and Norton has it laid down extremely flat. If I were going for pure form I'd have to give it to Hugo. We all know that we all win in the end though. This is some of the dopest, real-time, top shelf documentation of the best athletes in the sport and we get to vote and comment like we are relevant.

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Cool to see Fearon put a good one down. Glad to see Atwill sneak in too. Kinda thought the times wouldn’t be so tight this weekend with the changes but damn it’s going to be close

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Nina Hoffman going well after her 50-euro slap-up meal

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I am still not stoked on top 60 vs 80. Lots of fast guys on the 61-80 rank. Gutted for Phil, not the ideal start to the season.

Syndicate back, Luca still searching for the pace of last year. Love Reece Wilson in 4th! And Looks like Greenland had an off, glad he's protected.

Tracey throwing down a heater! Vali would have been 6th in elite and Millie would have been 14th. Thibaut would have been 45th in elite men.

PUMPED on tomorrow.

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100% Yes. Double up the amount of racing watched on the weekend would be well worth the cost.

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Just watched that twice, loved it! Throwback video jams, nice touch.

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