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Gonna be sick to watch Kyle and Kirt shred together!

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What a cool cat. Absolute beast on a bike.

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Reece Potter on Transition.

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So rad. Kid seems to be humble and have a solid head on his shoulders based on the post race interviews at the end of last season. And he's an absolute pinner:

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More of this, these girls absolutely sent it.

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WTF. The hucks are big enough without the added consequence of all the runouts in over half of those. Threading the needle at 30 mph after hucking 25 ft stair gaps is straight up gnarly. That bridge drop to pole tag to head smash at the end was what was going through my mind the entire vid. I don't think anyone touches him in this realm in MTB. BMX street riders are just as nuts and send absurd shit but the amplitude on the DH bike is hard to match.

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#fortheloveofthegame (all the past surveys since 2012 have been on our site for free).

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I don’t know how much fun I’d have actually attending this event. I was nervous throughout the entire broadcast. The guys who went back up and repeated full send second runs are all the people’s choice winners. Honestly impossible to differentiate runs on a scoring basis. Rampage is so far beyond comprehension. What a show.

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#racingsaves - that control to not go off the cliff and get back on line by andreu was incredible.

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JD and his lil Bro were iconic local kids and there were a lot of them, that many of us tried to nurture and give wings in this savage sport...but this industry can be brutal, miss a beat/result and often you're done. It's a shame we let go of talent before it's prime. Looking forward to this one, a...more

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luca's water bottle got switched out

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Weird and expensive. For every enduro sold how much is going to that ridiculous video? On a unit to unit basis, its more than $1. Over produced. Next to no riding. The story sucked.

Give me some raw ripping and fun-having. Leave the "I hope I get to produce the next Stranger...more

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As a long time manual/wheelie failure, I am curious how many pros can't rock a manual? Nico Vink's recent vid really drove it home that I suck at bikes in so many ways...

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RoPo cornering speed is difficult to process.

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Sam Hill gains 30 pts on Florian Nicolai (1270 vs 1490). With Jesse and Martin effectively out of the race for the overall, these two will be duking it out for the last half of the season.

Theoretically, if Sam gets 2nd in each of the last 4 races, and Florian keeps...more

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That settles it, Vink is King.

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