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Wheels say 29, but doesn't look like it...

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After seeing this, and considering the winning equipment last year --- Ropelato on a Stumpy 29er...

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Added a comment about photo Aaron Gwin 4/1/2013 10:28 PM

Saw that Redbull Truck at Top of the World in Laguna last weekend. My buddy quips "didn't know we had a problem with IEDs in Laguna." It's a beast. Oh and thanks for the photos Jason.

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From :09 to :20 it's an access trail linking parts of Aliso and Wood Canyon park in Laguna Beach. The uphill rock he cleans is up a very steep climb. Simply amazing. The rest of the footage is from a very popular DH trail in Laguna Beach - in descending order on the trail. As for the comment below "Most would not be that fast on a DH bike," Lopes has proved that by winning the annual (underground) race on the same trail for the last 6+ years - on a 5-6" trailbike and single crown fork. Dude's fast up and down.

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