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Miss the X-Wing Frame design, good thing I have one

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Wow that poll is gaaayyyyyy

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I would have thought Brayton would be running the Hope V4 brakes but he's on the E4? Also, considering he is sponsored by Ohlins, why is he not riding their DH fork?

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Hopefully this sparks up more local ebike races. I really wish the TLD series was happening this year.

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I've got a Kenevo Expert, rode several versions of the Levo, along with the new one, and kenevo comp. The Kenevo Expert is by far the best, most fun bike I've ever owned. If i had to sell my moto, dual sport, and bicycles but only keep one the Kenevo would be it. I'm probably going to sell my Enduro because I never ride it now that I have the Kenevo. It's more fun even at double the weight. You forget about the weight really fast once you're riding.

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Dude!! Heck yeah! Talk about shredding, that guy rips. Makes me want to go ride my Kenevo.

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Hey'lls yeah Kenevo Life!!!! Lovin' mine and love the fact I enjoy something that makes others so angry. Must be miserable to be on the other side of the fence.

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That's awesome.

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Incorrect. That's a PRO end cap, ODI Longneck grip

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