The Good, the Rad, and the Gnarly: The Highlights
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11/3/2018 1:58 PM

Guerrilla Gravity Launches 2018 Updates
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1/8/2018 6:00 AM

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While everyone else is at Eurobike, Caveman Collective caught up with Guerrilla Gravity, Shredly, and Conantion back in Colorado. This behind-the-scenes look at their design process and their respective proving grounds shows the soul behind these homegrown brands. This is their video: Colorado Summer.

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Right in!

Guerrilla Gravity is Hiring
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1/4/2016 10:57 AM

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That seems like a reasonable reason to ding them at least a half, if not a full star, amirite?

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Top scores for something that costs far more than even other solid competitors charge? compared with what you get for less money with other carbon wheels, the insane pricing of these should be worth a ding on the score. As should a 25mm internal width on a carbon DH wheelset in 2014....more

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Hall Ranch

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As the big mountain liberator, the MEGATRAIL is leading the revolution in trail bike freedom, providing riders with wheel-size choice, full build-kit customization options, and the radical Gravity Mode™. Just like the GG/DH, it’s made right here in Colorado. As a highly refined and extremely versatile trail bike, the MEGATRAIL is built for everything from conquering high-alpine adventures to getting after it at your local enduro race, or just slaying your after-work rides. And when it’s time to turn the Rad up to 11, Gravity Mode™ provides a 30-second, one-bolt geometry toggle that transforms the bike into a downhill dominator. The MEGATRAIL isn’t purely focused on downhill domination, though. With extremely well-tuned anti-squat characteristics and mid-stroke support, this is one of the best pedaling bikes on the market. More info:

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We were actually planning to redesign the axle assembly for next year and make two length triangles instead of an adjustable one, but all of our racers this past weekend at Nationals opted for the longer CS setting when they normally run the short... You'll also be happy to know that we're going to make a longer frame for next year for dudes your size. If you're interested in prototyping it this fall, shoot us an email, -Will

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That looks so sweet!

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