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I'm not sure I agree 100% with the Law suit but I will give my 2c. The way I see it is, without Strava providing instant updates thet his KOM was taken from him, would he have pushed even faster? He went a pushed the limits beyond what he could handle because the site told him he was no loner on top. Lets just say if he didn't have Strava in his life, he would have done the decent and been like that was a hell of a ride, but probably not have pushed outside of his limits. I have a friend of mine who is a very smart , bright kid , who is fast on a road bike.... then he got on the Strava thing and pushed his limits going for a KOM and lost control in a turn and went off the side of the cliff. End story= broken back and air lifted out of the canyon. Another friend of ours was with them and said he knew they wouldnt make the turn so he ran up the embankment before the turn.....

I know these 2 guy would have NEVER ridden that rode that fast before joining Strava...

on the flip side were capable of making our own decisions.
I just dont think he would have gone that fast if the site didnt say he lost a KOM

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I too used to hate 29ers. Hell I have owned a few and sold them quickly after. 29ers flood the MTB world with the single speeds and the XC bikes. I realized I just had to try a non XC bike! I rode the INTENSE TRACER 29 and like others instantly took back everything bad I ever had to say about 29ers. On that bike not only did I pedal faster up but descended faster than ever before,and still did the same drops and jumps. Bottom line is it felt more like a 7" travel 26" bike than a 5"travel 29er. I say why fight about if? If you like 26 that's great have fun and if you hate 29 that's fine two, there will always be a trail and a bike for everyone.

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