Nekor - a Pilgrims ride

"Kawa Karpo" is the highest peak of the Meili Snow Mountains. Tens of thousands of pilgrims visit every year. Only a few hike the arduous track that sorrounds its peak. Even less bring a bike.

Nekor - a Pilgrims ride

On a pilgrimage in Eastern Tibet

One of the most fascinating trekking regions in China lies between the today Chinese provinces of Yunnan and Tibet: the mountain mass Kawa Karpo. This mountain range with its 6740m high peak is considered holy by Buddhists. The main summit is still unclimbed. A pilgrimage path leads around the mountain. This path around Kawa Karpo is surely one of the most interesting and impressive nature paths on earth. It leads through untouched forests, across more than 4500m high mountain passes and through deep valley with ferocious mountain rivers.

No one was able to tell us you could bike the path. We went off on a pilgrimage at the foot of the mountain, an internationally cast team of four. We spent six days on the path, often in complete solitude. We were able to experience one of our most fascinating bike trips, completely cut off from any communication with the outside world.

Not only did the friendly, open way in which we were greeted by the Tibetans on our, for the region unusual mode of transportation, impress us. The reduction to essential things during our day left us with a deeply felt calm and happiness that we hope will stay with us for a long time.


Video: Infinite Trails // Rider: Gerhard Czerner, Kevin Tews, You Terryn, Arsenal Zeng // Pictures: Martin Bissig

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