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Agreed, by far the best article and pics on the Capra that appeared online today. Well done! Nothing game changing but another solid and well priced bike from YT. A shoot out with the Enduro, Nomad and Wreckoning would be fun.

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First time I have heard about a Code Ultimate... is that going to be an actual brake for sale, or just an OEM thing?

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Dear Jeff, many thanks for your great article and taking the time to answer to my rambling.

The wheels would go with a Yeti SB 5.5 that I would use mostly on my home trails (forrest, lots of roots, steps, small jumps, no downhill like rock gardens). Thus, based on your comment, I'd just add the SC Reserve carbon wheels (and the stock tires with EXO casing). So far I used the YT Capra, but the Yeti SB 5.5 just peddals much better, keeps more momentumg and goes over braking bumps and roots better than the dowhill bike.

I'm 187lbs plus clothes. No races.
I have a YT Capra and a Solid Strike downhill bike for when it gets rocky. Might add cush core there, mostly for the benefit of the "feel".

Best regards

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Good questions

At risk of sounding redundant, the reason I'm a fan of the SC wheels (read, the whole wheel) is it rides in a very unique way when paired with a modern carbon enduro frame. Its something you have to try to understand. I also am not suggesting that there...more

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Bear with me, I'm thinking aloud:

Let's say after this raving review I'm temped to drop top dollar on these SC carbon wheels because of the way they feel and saving 50g don't hurt.
One of the advantages seems to be that they dampen trail chatter (and lessen arm-pump?)

In parallel, everybody is raving about cush core. Besides protecting the rim, they supposedly also dampen trail chatter and reduce arm pump.

Despite the good reviews that cush core receives, I'm very reluctant to add 260g per wheel. In this review, it is said how beneficial it is to remove weigh from the wheel. The carbon wheel shaves 50g from the equivalent aluminum DT-Swiss EX1501 (at almost three times the prices). Of course the lighter the wheel, the less the penalty when adding cush core. But still, it seems out of proportion. If I gonna create super heavy wheels by adding 260g, why should I care about saving 50g for that much money first? (Imagine compare two aluminum wheel set where one weight 260g more than the other. Nobody would by that wheel because it would be ridiculously heavy and out of competition). I might as well ad cush core to E1900 wheels.

I was wondering if you could make up for the weight penalty with lighter casing tires because you don't need the damping anymore that a heavier tire provides over a lighter tire. Jeff says no and puncture protection really might become an issue. At least I would not dare to go lighter than EXO or Super Gravity casing.

To come to the point, there are three elements that all improve damping
- carbon over aluminum rims,
- cush core over tube less, and
- heavier over lighter tires).

Do I need to combine all three (with a big weigh penalty), or aren't two enough?

After reading the review, I was going to get the the SC wheels. But maybe I achieve almost the same result by adding cush core to an aluminum wheel (while saving a lot of money). The review almost sounds like you are missing out on a huge performance gain if you don't add cush core to SC carbon wheels.
However, if I'm willing to make the wheel so heavy by adding cush core, I'm not willing to pay so much for a carbon wheel set.

Many possible combinations (3x3x3). Which one is the most beneficial?
(PS: Rim protection is not important to me, never damaged a rim so far.)

Thank you for reading that far.

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This product_review has 35 comments.