Added a comment about video Rob Warner Meets: Aaron Gwin 6/1/2018 4:16 PM - There's no such thing as God. Good luck with your mysticism.

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Are you kidding me? Disgusting. Looks like circa mid 90's on a track like Cap D'ai.

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Ken Roczen = massively annoying american,

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Philip Polc.....not Matti.

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Is there a way to upload thumb nail, i have tried a few times, aspect and size ok, but doesn't upload?

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Chunk: I just saw the most amazing thing in my entire life! Mouth: First you gotta do the truffle shuffle. In recent times the riding in Sheffield has really been going ‘off’. We have access issues being raised and solved with Ride Sheffield, the Winter Dual Series, University of Sheffield students organising races, the Urban Extremist race, Steve Peat and of course This is the latest episode We are by no means wanting to be Lifecycles or Follow Me, but desire to document places we ride around Sheffield ….we have some secret places and others not so. We shouldn’t take what we have for granted, they’re aren’t many places in the UK that offer such a variety of riding so close to the urban doorstep: steep and loamy, rocky and straight, tight and twisty, remote and lung busting. We are in an auspicious time to say the least. The candor of myself, Bowman, Stokes, Nick, Jack, and Swinny is that we all take our riding seriously, but only if smiling, laughing, feeling and having fun a part of being ‘serious’. For this short film we built a track that differed from the usual finds at ‘Wharny’, something faster, wider and more open….the track is named ‘Truffle Shuffle’. Hopefully short films like this one will help galvanise an already burgeoning scene, maybe one day we will have a summer race series, a track maintenance crew, no user issues in the Peak District and a fully participatory scene where it’s not ‘downhill riders’ and ‘xc’ers’…’s just riders without division….

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