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Its not a team rumor but I think SC is filming the video of the new ebike in Chile

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I think Graves is with Cube now. Intense is another option maybe?

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it's a Hightower LT and a Bronson 27.5, I think it's just the angle effect of the photo.

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like someone said... maybe here is the answer hahahaha

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Another photo of the new Yeti

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Probably we will see a new Strive for 2019. The Spectral and Torque changed this year... So, I think you need to wait for 2019 models. If the Strive change and its a bike between this other two, I thinks it is a better all around than the Torque.

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Generic hardtrail with single crown fork (15 years ago) Generic hardtrail with dual crown fork Oxford Emerald DH Kona Stinky PDC Racing 8two5 Santa Cruz Nomad v1 Kona Cadabra Yeti SB66c Devinci Troy Carbon v1 Yeti SB6c Yeti SB5.5 (now)

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I think maybe is some bike with less travel than the Spectral, the shock don't have piggyback... maybe a 29"?

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I have a lot of crashes, too much maybe, riding motocross y broke 2 times my right hand and 2 right knee surgery for ACL reconstruction. Then, I broke for for third time my hand and 2 ribs in a mtb crash and this year I dislocated my left shoulder in

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