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Video was bad ass

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Bike edits need more music like this

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Holy shit lol is there a video of that?

Added a comment about photo The First G-Out Project - 2009, Bootleg Canyon 4/7/2019 6:45 PM

Makes you wonder what we'll be laughing about 10 years from now. Also, suspension wasn't the only thing bottoming out, how bout all those goggle straps?!?

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Who sanctions quad racing? Maybe they should get rights? Just a thought

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Looking for some fellow vitards to ride with in the Denver area this summer. Hit me up if you're interested or have a good crew I can tag along with.

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Holy faack

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Oooooh, I thought you meant it fell off the car, scratched it to hell, and you wanted just the actual shell and you were going to swap all the padding

Now I see what you meant, glad you found it! ... more »
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I doubt they would just do the shell and would argue the liners could be compromised as well. Hate those silly mistakes, happens to all of us

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Blake Baggett? The dude that broke Eli Tomac?!?

I'll have to check it out, sounds really interesting.
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Which ones do you guys listen to? Clearly the best one is on this site! Spomer's interview skills are pretty on point. I have also enjoyed the laid back euro vibe of the HKT pod. Haven't gotten too into the Downtime pod but am aware it's out there. Any ... more »

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Question answered

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Hard to tell without feeling it but it almost looks like the wavecel part could sustain several hits as it looks like it rebounds back to its original shape. Could be wrong though

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So much better looking than last year, just have to ditch those red fork lowers now

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I'm sorry, but whoops on mountain bikes is just dumb. Looked like the jump line on the left was much faster. Clearly taking notes from marv

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Can you give us the cliff notes? I'm assuming it is because of Jeff Majkrzak?

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How are you enjoying the Michelin tires?

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