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Steeper seat tube angles will move the weight forward only whilst seated. Long chainstays will balance the bike out when standing.

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Sounds like an awesome bike. I hope you put up a review with your thoughts after you've gelled with it!

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100% winning streak in her first year doing full world cup schedule plus constantly doing times that would get her in the top 5-8 in elite. Vali Holl was by far athlete of the year! Would Miss Atherton have won the world cup if her strongest rivals hadn't been injured? Last 2 years she hasn't been her dominant self...

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I was sort of expecting Vali Holl.

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An amazing emerging talent in DH racing. I look forward to seeing her progress in the elite category.

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If 700mm is the new rule then most 584mm DH tires will be too big as well. A Schwalbe Magic Mary measures in at 708mm. Back to 558mm wheels I guess or tire manufacturers will have to make lower sidewall DH tires to be under 700mm!

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All it shows is that slack seat angles allow the tire to hit the saddle at full bottom out. Seriously brands need to fix this ASAP and not force riders to run a) the saddle slammed forward and b) force the rider to run the saddle super high!

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I recently switched my 160mm Yari Fast Shox 622mm wheeled fork for a Dorado and am really happy. The fork flexes less under braking, is way more sensitive to small bumps and I can plow into anything without worrying. Oh and personally I think it makes ... more »

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Tight turns can be overcome at speed with a little sliding. At low speed nose manualing or pivoting can overcome that. So no reason why a you can't use a dual crown. Also if you are hitting the upper crown with your knees then your bike is way too short! ... more »

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I rode my Firebird like that for most of the season (with the Bartlett), it was rad. You can gain a bit of travel and a lot of stiffness without affecting geometry. Plus, direct mount stems are the best thing ever for people who can't align...more

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That was so sick! I would love to see a Moto Rampage! And yeah bring back a 300mm fork and DH bike!

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- Marin Rocky Ridge -Sintra Cycles -Hi-tec -Specialized Stumpjumper -Specialized Bighit -Specialized Status (size M) -Specialized Status (L) -Pole Evolink 176 (Current bike) Also had bikes for work from Scott 2013 Voltage 2014 Gambler 2015 Voltage 710 ... more »

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Most bikes nowadays work well and come with decent parts. The thing I find that is missing is a) geometry Some brands like Pole/Nicolai have sussed it out and other brands now offer XL and XXL frames that are in the same range. But there are still a lot of brands making frames with slack seat angles and long seat tubes when we now have +170mm dropper posts. Also please stop building trail bikes with +66º headangles! A slack bike with a nice long toptube and steep seat angle will climb great without the front end wandering around! It will corner better without the front end folding and obviously work much better downhill. And b) durability when it comes to suspension mainly concerning forks, The obsession with weight has produced forks especially single crown that have barely any oil, plastic internals and service intervals of 50-100 hours. If you actually ride more than once a week you end up with a fork that feels decent for only a few rides and then you have to open it up and service it!
As for your point about lighter bikes I find that weight is over rated in my humble opinion. Bikes that are light are obviously less of a drag to pedal up but are all over the place going down. I personally wouldn't want a 12kg 170mm enduro bike! 14-16kg is gives more stability without making it a beast to get up the hill!
Now point a) is being addressed and I foresee geometry stabilizing within the next 5 years like it has with MX bikes. Point b) may or may not be addressed. Sure some brands like DVO and Manitou have forks with a decent amount of oil but they do get discriminated against because of their weight even though performance is outstanding.
Anyways I might sound like I'm whining but I do agree that these are good times! Better today's bikes than those when I started in the 90s!

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I want those ebike tires motor or no motor! Just wish they make the rear in a narrower size!

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Sick video! I agree that an ebike allows you to ride more without any real downsides. My next bike might be an e!

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Wish someone would make another moto style rear end ala Rotec from the 90s! That sender looks cooler without the seatstays!

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Greg Minaar has a new V10 and it is longer than the previous v10 in XXL with a 475mm reach. Are you really surprised? What surprises me is how long he has been riding on bikes that are way too small for him! The guy is a factory sponsored pro and only ... more »

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As a owner of a Pole EVOLINK 176 with a 1340mm wheelbase, 63º headangle, 460mm chainstays and a reach of 520mm I can say hands down this is the best bike I have ever had! I'm 180cm (5'11"). My bike is an L. Sure an Pole in size XL (535mm) or a nicolai ... more »

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I think the negative stem setup looks sick! So moto. I been riding 10mm stem for a while now on my Pole EVOLINK176 (their old DH frame) and love it!

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I sure hope so! It will allow shorter people to size up in frame! Now they just have to add some rear tire clearance and come out with an aluminium version and I might consider getting one