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Go ride one. Then comment. Its not 2004 anymore.

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Timewarp shall now be a thing at every WC in addition to RAW

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Love seeing that the top ten has been stirred up and some new names are punching in - riders who've always have the ability to get there but the top 5 have been so strong it's like everyone else gets bullied out.
Also wondering where rachel is?

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I love it when a rider like Reece comes out swinging and stirs things up. Puts pressure on the usual top 5. Hope to see some tight times on the clock come race day.

Added a comment about video Super SLALOM Saturday - Eagle Bike Park, Idaho 9/28/2020 7:07 PM

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Added a comment about feature Single Crown vs Dual Crown Fork: Which One is the Best for Enduro? 9/28/2020 7:06 PM

Dave seems to really dig the Mezzer. Anyone else care to comment on that?

Dave. thanks for taking the time to make this vid and keep it honest and insightful. It was a blast to watch and truly had me laughing out loud, especially the Giro coach consultation. As an aging masters racer am I gonna go out and get myself a custom dual crown? Not likely. I'll run what I brung and hope a few extra intervals will make up the difference, because it sounds like it's pretty close at this point! Cheers!

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Added reply in a thread Evolution of MTBs 9/8/2020 1:16 AM

Like many of the other posters, I've been through a lot of evolution since my first whip, an '88 Rockhopper. It would seem we've gotten to a plateau in development. But don't be fooled. Things will keep changing and "improving." Will it become a situation ... more »

Added reply in a thread Evolution of MTBs 9/7/2020 3:53 PM

Digsafe, can you outline your build for us? A beast like that at 30# sounds really cool!

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Sorry, but a 30t chainring coupled with a 52t largest cog cassette isn't "useless", at least where I live. I would be more than happy to spin up on that setup on some steep and loose fireroad climb.

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Preload adjustment is very different from what the Sprindex does. Preload has always been adjustable on any coil shock via the spring nut. Sprindex is an adjustable coil spring spacer. By surrounding and cradling several coils,it allows you to effectively change the...more

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Been waiting years to see Transition’s proper take on an XC bike. Not disappointed. wouldn’t want it as my only bike for the trails I ride, but I’d love to have this in the garage!

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Could always slide that saddle backward. shocked

Added a comment to ballr's bike check 5/1/2020 8:45 PM
Sentinel 2.0

Get that thing dirty.

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Added reply in a thread Chainstay fender ideas 4/25/2020 2:47 PM

On a Yeti SB150. Keeps the spray off the SI and its parts. Made from the top of a rubbermade roughneck storage bin.

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Added a comment about product review Compromise between HR2 and Aggressor yet better than both? 4/11/2020 9:35 PM

I've been on the Dissector 29 x 2.4 maxxterra EXO version for about 10 rides so far this spring. It grips pretty well, rolls pretty fast, and is holding up OK. I like the 2.4 WT casing width. Hopefully the price comes down a bit to bring it in line with some of Maxxis' other offerings which can be had for $10-20 less. I wish they made the Aggressor in a 2.4WT. Only other 2.4WT is the DHR I think.

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Added a comment about video Custom-Tuned Versus Stock Mountain Bike Suspension - Vital MTB Advanced Class 3/21/2020 3:05 PM

The Runt works quite well and does what Diaz says it does. It is a great value and a sweet upgrade that goes into your fork in about 5 minutes.

I agree with the race vid analysis. BT pulls ahead of himself with just a few extra pedal strokes and doesn't get the 2 seconds back during the rest of the run. This highlights perhaps the most important thing in enduro and pedally DH racing, that putting down power is the easiest place to make time. Another thing about a race pace run in what looks like AZ- you better not go off the trail, cuz everything has giant thorns!

Cool vid, thanks!

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Ibis Ripmo AF

Agree. Longer travel enduro bike with fast tires is f u n. Its easy to forget how slow the big meats are on rolling terrain till you ride some fast rollers.

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