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Yes at age 40 I had a very bad crash last year in September, smashed my Tibial Plateau into many pieces, 10 days in hospital, 4 surgeries, 20 screws and 2 plates in my leg. Over 9 months later and I am not even close to being recovered, I cant walk up ... more ยป

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I cant see this working for the majority of MTB wheels.... Its great for an MX bike because their tires are so much thicker. But the average MTB tire is way to thin, you will still need sealant or you will be getting lots of flats. Also running your tires to low will just screw your rims up in no time at all. My current tubeless setup is fine.

I can only see this working DH bikes where the tires are stronger and thicker.

Happy to be proven wrong

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I say no they dont have a place on MTB "single trails". However they could be used on fire trails (dirt roads) to reach the top of a DH run at which point the "electric assist" will be turned off for the duration of the run.