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It is in Bellingham, but we will have to keep this trail name and location off the interwebs. Come to town, stop by the HQ, drink a beer, and I bet you will get some beta on how to get to this flowy loam track we have tucked away.

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ODI Longneck XL, cut to fit the whole space in between levers - bar end.

Thin AND Cushy! Great endcap, no hard/raised edges. Stupid cheap.

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I'm gonna add another angle of view: Good spring is cheaper than good damper. And I think spring is easier to understand (thus setup) for most users(for me at least). Evol, Debonair, Luftkappe... Are all much cheaper upgrades for budget or older forks ... more »

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Absolutely fearless; man's got cast iron cojones.

Where would freeride be without Bender?

*slightly off topic*

I really hope you could include The Inside Line on the sidebar of the website. It will be much easier to find it going forward.

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I think they could have put a slightly bigger LOGO on that bar... Looks complete "joey" IMO

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I like my hubs like I like my children. Very Quiet. Give me Onyx Hubs all day.

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I run slip-ons on a trail bike and dirt bike for about 4 years now. And I probably keep fitting them to any bikes in future. Pluses: I like my grips thin, with large usable width and I also like a comfy cockpit. Slip-on is the way to go with these goals. ... more »

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So, i've spent nearly every moment with this woman since 1993...thought I knew every ounce of detail and story-but even I learned a couple bits! Was nervous to listen haha, but she did great, nice job babe!

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Holy Shit! There have been some pretty awesome interviews but this one just blew all of them (and me) away.
So much insight into an era that I missed out on and the industry in general.
At 2:17h long my eyebrows went pretty far up when i saw this one, but filled with so many stories, drama, wisdom, it was worth every minute!

I've meant to write in for a long time. Since podcasts are a big part of my commute. I'm really glad I can hear about my favourite topic with these.

But I do have thought on Inside Line:
1) Spomer, being a great interviewer, (prepared, unbiased, cool voice) I wish he would interfere more and wouldn't just let speak the guests for extended periods for more interaction.
2) Podcasts, in early days, were used widely in schools as an education tool, and many, even entertainment podcasts are still trying to be at least informative/philosophical. I think it would be really cool to tackle some particular topic/problem/struggle within the bike industry on the top of interviewees bio. Whatever is close to them, possibly split the podcast into 2 sections.

Anyway i very much enjoy them as they are too. Thank you Vital!

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im drunk, i see two kendalls and i like it

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is that Gee Atherton?

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I measured 31 mm in diameter.
Some e-shops spec said its 31 for slip-on 32 for lock on.

Most lock on grips employ some sort of hard plastic on the innermost diameter, tying two clamped ends together. Slip-ons, not having these, tend to feel softer and with that thinner as well. My guess is, in order to retain comfort, ODI added some rubber which upped the diameter by 1mm.

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