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What counts as POC? I'm half Vietnamese. Am I POC? With "BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Disabled athletes, and Women", its essentially saying we need fewer white an Asian males. All this is nonsense. Is a deaf black woman higher on the victim scale than a gay Black man? What about a transgender hispanic man who has kids and is undocumented? Is there a point system?

What about Asian representation in the NBA? Or Polynesian representation in Tennis? All of this is nonsense.

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USAC just lost all credibility and support. Mark my words, the Intersectionalists destroy everything they touch. Google what they did to the knitting industry.

The Arkansas legislation is not discriminatory. It is something that most people support. All this is utter nonsense. Go woke go broke

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If people want to bike, cool. If not, also cool. Can’t we just let that be?
Are inner city basketball teams concerned about enough white kids in their leagues? If so, is there any organization around this concern? Probably not because that thought in itself is racist. Feel free to delete my comment because it isn’t currently fashionable.

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The bike looks nice, was hoping for the next santa cruz emtb to be a sub 40lb 150mm bike, but, I will have to wait and to each his own. Reading the comments, I am surprised people are still bothered by mountain bikes with a little assist power in them...really? still?

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So much boring shit
No custom-geo, long travel hardtail mullet titanium gearbox bikes? (Nordest cycles btw)
No TRP 2.3mm rotor brakes? Ebike/DH inspired.
No DVO onyx love? There’s a coil for first 30% of the ebike single crown version has 45% more bushing height than a fox 36..DVO is wayyyy ahead of the game.
No Ochain love? The spider attachments that dramatically reduces pedal kickback on your bike...? (Won world cups this year)
No RXR R-Pro air-inflated chest/spine guards? If you slam hard enough the guard will actually ‘blow off’ and act as a crumple zone...intelligent. Refined.
No mention of the Vorsprung smashpot coil insert *with* hydraulic bottom out for fox/RS forks? Or the Vorsprung secus air chamber+ attachment?
No love for cascade components and all the aftermarket kinematic improvements they’ve made for a litany of bike brands..?
No love for the dual crown fox 36 Morc36 (developed by Chris porter)..?

The new Canfield 29/mullet downhill bike how it has an almost perfect, unmoved center point during the entirety of its travel..??? They made a new 170mm 27.5 trail bike too!
The legend Chris Kovarik dropping his own signature pedal ft. the widest axle on the flat pedal market..or his wildly innovative STFU chain slap eliminator..!??

Rev grips just updated their rubber inserts. You can mix an match different rubber compound types (3) PLUS two different spacer thicknesses w/10+ combinations to dial in your grip tune🔥🔥🔥
Y’all are not keeping it real.

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human powered suicide machine

I don't see promote soda in their mission ;-)

I agree anyway that blaming UCI won't help ... well maybe they could be a bit less greedy to give a chance at some regions.

There's more to blame on USA cycling for failing at providing robust national and regional racing. It's insane that a state like California doesn't have several USA cycling chapters promoting racing in the state. It's all on the shoulder of private promoters.
Finally, we the riders are also the one to blame. We are consumers but we are not giving back much, we rarely pay a license to USAC if we are not racing (USAC could get some funding from regular riders membership if they would really provide some kind of value to them)
Finally, a few of us are involved in organizing races. I will concede it's nearly impossible to easily put together a race in the US. In Europe, you can see 16 yeard old kids putting together local DH races with the support/funding of the local clubs and government... Pretty unreal!

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