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Good question, but I tend to disbelieve conspiratorial motives. It could be the case, but remember that if the goal is to eliminate all forms of recreation, going through this particular exercise might be a lot of effort for dubious, unmeasurable results. ... more »

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I don't want to post a link to that other website, but apparently the Secretary of the Interior has opened up e-bike access to federal lands. Here are a few quotes: According to a statement from the United States Department of the Interior, eBikes, including ... more »

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If you know the mountain well, watching from multiple sections is the only way to go! Find some gnar and watch it get shredded. Then move around and find more gnar.

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Scoop! (OK, not exactly a scoop, hahaha):,3045

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Man, I love those Park Tool videos. Calvin seems like the kind of guy I'd like to sit around the campfire with and download some info from.

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I'd be all over it. The bikes in the photo look gnarly.

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Just looking at the spec that I can see, that's a fine choice for a 1st bike. Definitely capable for off road.

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Probably none. I think it's a requirement to be a pro! I'm not embarrassed to admit that I cannot manual, either. I can barely wheelie.

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Great deal for your first bike. Ride the thing for a year or two and see if you need anything better. I too come from the moto world and I've found MTB to be a great new frontier. Still lots to learn!

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Surely Commencal has demos at Vallnord? I could swear I read that somewhere.

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Since you are on a budget and the KTM isn't bad, that's the route I'd go. Use the funds you save for upgrades.

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Question: When was the first e-bike race inevitable? Answer: As soon as they made the 2nd one. Someone should create an e-bike outlaw series with a bigger purse so all athletes concerned can tell UCI to go pound sand. Problem solved. (Easier said than ... more »

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Yet, we motorcycle guys almost always refer to our engines as "motors."

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I'm 48, so no thank you. I might be tempted to do something really gnarly these days, but that kind of gap is a big no. On a motorcycle, I've got a few years to go before I get too old for my age in meters, however; I've done some BIG gaps on one of ... more »

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You throw a 29" front and a 27.5" rear on a specially-made frame. And it has an all-new hub standard to go with a new BB size.

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I like it. I still don't quite understand the hate for e-bikes. I mean, I understand the argument against them and I'm willing to concede that they are technically "motorized cycles," but to compare any e-bike to a true motorcycle is a big stretch, at ... more »

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Specialized is keeping their brand in the online game and also allowing shops to have a crack at that customer. Selling direct would have been a kick in the nuts to a shop owner, but at least this way he gets a shot at upselling that buyer or getting ... more »

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Nice. He's just checking the traction on the course tape.

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I had a GoPro way back in the day. (When they were called "GoPro." This was even before GoPro HD, GoPro 3, etc.) Even then, you could orient the footage on that camera if necessary. I'm sure there's a setting for that on the new ones.

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