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Bernard could probably race an AMA National event. The qualification process is different. As long as he holds an FIM Professional license, he can be "substituted" into the AMA series from what I understand. He'd still need to race his way into the day's ... more »

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There's a big brouha going on over on the motorcycle side of things right now; dudes are pissed that the "core" MX riders have to go through the SX futures program to get a Supercross license and then some pro from another sport just gets to wade in

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Wear comfy goggles. I'm really happy with my SPYs and I bet if you pick a brand that really works for you it will be fine. I've found that the sweat absorption aspect is really nice in the summer compared to sunglasses. I don't mind the heat so much, ... more »

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Now it makes a lot more sense. The large cats reference would make more sense with the word, "undomesticated," however. At least in English.

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Stoked! Commencal was able to warranty the levers for me. I got two brand-spanking new lever assemblies. I didn't really have high hopes but they came through for me. Thanks, SRAM and Commencal!

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I have the same problem. I'm not trying to be KOM of any segment, but I often find that my fastest time in a relatively short segment is way behind. Either there are some super-human people who can pedal their bikes to 60MPH, or there have been inaccuracies.

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Oh, that's good news. I'll try that angle. Didn't even think of that. Thanks!

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This is kind of what I'm looking at. I'm not really hopeful for a warranty replacement for two reasons: 1) I got the bike from a DTC brand (Commencal.) I'm not sure a LBC would be stoked to help. 2) I've crashed hard enough to bend the front brake lever ... more »

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OK guys, help me out. I have the dreaded SRAM Brake slop, which comes eventually to anyone who uses Guide brakes. It comes from the plastic plunger inside the master cylinder, which expands and wedges itself in the bore, preventing a smooth and complete ... more »

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You can pull the goggles down to hang around your neck if you want to have them off. Or, just do what I do and get a pair that are so comfy you don't care if they're on. For me that means a smaller goggle without a nose guard, so I can breathe well and ... more »

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Yeah, holy crap: I never ride alone out in the wilderness. Closer to town, no problem. (I hope.) I hear you are supposed to lift your bike over your head to look larger and more imposing when faced with wildlife. ... more »

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Hmmmm. Compared to the motorcycle industry that I come from, the bicycle industry folk seem pretty chill. I like you guys. Just saying.

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I'm a very experienced MX rider and a very novice MTBer. (48 years old.) I relish the thought that nobody expects me to be good on the bicycle, and instead of trying to go faster, I ride like I'm still learning everything. Try it with that mindset and ... more »

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When I worked for an oil company, they said the degree of precision they could achieve when making viscosities of oil rested at around 5 centistokes on the scale. Therefore, the odds of getting a "true" 2.5 are very bad. Your typical 2.5 Wt oil might ... more »

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I'm confused as to what the "strike" is even supposed to do. Make us aware that there's a carbon problem? Uh, hello. Somehow reduce the carbon footprint that operating a profitable business requires? Hmmmm. I'm not sure the net result will be positive. ... more »

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It wouldn't be that difficult to make the headline read "race results here," Instead of "Bob Bitchin' wins the race," would it? I mean, that way, the various editors of the news outlets can continue to make the world a better place for Peter. And the rest of us would be clicking the link anyway.

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Good question, but I tend to disbelieve conspiratorial motives. It could be the case, but remember that if the goal is to eliminate all forms of recreation, going through this particular exercise might be a lot of effort for dubious, unmeasurable results. ... more »

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I don't want to post a link to that other website, but apparently the Secretary of the Interior has opened up e-bike access to federal lands. Here are a few quotes: According to a statement from the United States Department of the Interior, eBikes, including ... more »

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If you know the mountain well, watching from multiple sections is the only way to go! Find some gnar and watch it get shredded. Then move around and find more gnar.