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Reply to Discussion: Fork Damping vs Spring Rate 7/24/2019 10:21 AM

160lbs 180mm travel. No spacers 65psi 10 lsc, 14 hsc, 6 out on both rebounds. If it gets steep I'll add a couple lsc. If its fast with big hits I'll add 1-2 hsc. So yeah the base settings aren't too far off for pressure and rebound. If my local trails ... more »

Reply to Discussion: Fork Damping vs Spring Rate 7/23/2019 11:30 AM

I think the spring is the most important factor. If you try to compensate for the spring with compression, the bike just feels wrong. Damper tuning usually boils down to front and rear balance for me. I think a lot of Loris' comments about the other ... more »

Reply to World Cup Downhill MTB Race Talk 5/22/2019 11:10 AM

Exactly, I’d be willing to bet most of us watched the clip to make sure Aaron’s foot was still attached, not to hate on e13.

Reply to World Cup Downhill MTB Race Talk 5/21/2019 3:54 PM

I’d rather you lied to us and not publicly pointed your finger at John. It doesn’t have to be anyone’s fault, it’s just part of racing @ the top level. The End.

Reply to World Cup Downhill MTB Race Talk 5/21/2019 8:10 AM

I’m more upset he threw John Hall under the bus. The man is an absolute perfectionist, and there is no way a 3 year old defective part was used on a brand new build. We all know it was a squeaky clean brand new crank provided by ethirteen. Broken parts ... more »

Reply to World Cup Downhill MTB Race Talk 5/20/2019 6:40 PM

For real though, we need to leave carbon cranks for the XC guys.

Reply to 2019 UCI World Cup Downhill Tech 4/23/2019 8:00 PM

Cannondale should have made a leaf spring setup with this arrangement.

Reply to 2019 Elite Racer Social Media Stalkings 4/9/2019 7:43 PM

Can’t fault the man for trying it, I would.

Reply to 2019 Racing Rumors 1/16/2019 5:18 PM

I wonder if the frame design has anything to do with the switch to fox suspension.

Reply to 2020 Bike Wants 12/26/2018 3:20 PM

Sram and Shimano aren’t engineering much, just modifying 70+ yr old technology and consuming the market. We are talking 2020 here, I think it’s time we had a drivetrain designed this century.

Reply to 2020 Bike Wants 12/26/2018 12:41 PM

I don’t think current derailleur drivetrains have killed the gearbox at all. The industry just needs to support them more, and then the designs will improve. Gear range has no appeal to me, I could(and still may) go back to a 11-36 1x10spd and be just ... more »

Reply to 2020 Bike Wants 12/25/2018 9:15 AM

I do like the steeper seat tubes for climbing, but I hate where it puts the saddle when descending. I’d like to see frames with optional linkages, optimized for air and coil. This middle area to work with both is an unnecessary compromise. No more 3 ... more »

Reply to 2019 Racing Rumors 12/22/2018 4:39 AM

They’re all super talented, and I think they’re all just getting started. I think Neko’s value should be up there because of windrock and how involved he is with east coast mtb in general. He’s an approachable guy, who’s promoting the sport in ways that ... more »

Reply to 2019 Racing Rumors 12/21/2018 4:22 PM

Neko’s value is rising though. If you’re looking at the US market, he’s the man.

Reply to 2019 Racing Rumors 12/14/2018 8:09 AM

I know we’re straying off topic, but I can’t leave it alone. The Commencal is a sweet ride, and I personally like everything about it. You’re still giving it more credit than it deserves. Danny Hart’s Myst was, IMO, consistently the most dialed bike ... more »

Reply to 2019 Racing Rumors 12/13/2018 4:03 PM

I don’t think the Commencal bitch slapped anyone. A young, capable and fearless rider filled the void Gwin left due to injury. I don’t think suspension design, or wheel size for that matter, had anything to do with Pierron’s success. Also, I don’t think ... more »

Reply to 2019 Racing Rumors 11/28/2018 9:28 AM

I don’t think rapid prototyping, bike design, or wheel size have any influence on AG’s frame sponsor. AG helped YT into the US market, but they still have a foreign brand presence. AG riding for an American bike maker just makes sense. Gwin is a brand ... more »