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Reply to 2021 Mountain Bike Team Rumors 11/16/2020 12:20 AM

Wrong thread, please us the "2021 MTB team rumors' rumors" for that type of highly specific info

Reply to Michelin tires thread! 11/12/2020 1:27 AM

I tried out the E-wild tyres recently, great profile and grip. But I consider it too soft for a rear tyre (especially considering it is an e-bike rear specific one), I wore out the thread so fast over a month or two this summer. Punctured it despite ... more »

Reply to Fox Defend Fire Pants vs Flexair Pro Fire Alpha Pants? 11/4/2020 1:31 PM

I have the flexair pant and they are my favourite riding gear I own. Somehow lighter and more comfortable than shorts. Not really that breathable, I use them in cooler conditions mostly. Only negative is the ankle is very tight and above the knee is ... more »

Reply to Best Or Worst Bike Mods and Riding Accessories 10/29/2020 1:57 PM

As a Shimano brake evangelist, I must admit my SRAM codes and guide REs that came on my last 2 bikes have been perfectly functional. Top tip: stay 1 number of gears less than the current maximum. I rode 10speed 11-36 cassettes until 2 years ago, now ... more »

Reply to Ugliest MTB kit? 10/29/2020 10:31 AM

Haha, I came to redirect the thread but seem to have been beaten to the finish. Commencal 2020: it isn't the ugliest kit ever but the main team (daprela, Nicole...) Have these ugly purple chest with black sleeves, not feeling it. For Lousa it seems the ... more »

Reply to Are Global DH Bikes Sales Falling? 10/21/2020 12:47 AM

Slightly off topic, but a quick note regarding a few "bike parks are too easy, think of the children" comments: Oisin O'Callaghan who just swept junior WC DH grew up at the bottom of Ireland's (possibly the world's) easiest bike park (his dad was involved ... more »

Reply to UCI DH Rule Unclear - DSQ for Riding Over a Course-Marking Pole? 10/20/2020 7:29 AM

Can't believe this is still being debated... So let's throw another view into the void. Rules are rules, but they shouldn't be applied in an algorithmic manner. Upon breach the incident should be reviewed by a human and then a decision made. In this ... more »

Reply to Are Global DH Bikes Sales Falling? 10/20/2020 12:33 AM

Maybe the "DH is the formula one of MTB" isn't such a simplistic saying after all. After the grim donut video, I read a few comments saying brands should build up race specific one off bikes... Looking at those numbers it seems to almost be the case. ... more »

Reply to 2021 Mountain Bike Team Rumors 10/19/2020 7:31 AM

Back to the Alex Fayolle announcement: Didn't he announce this at the start of the season? It made for biggish news on the french forums as it was a really emotional announcement, where he talked about having "stolen" his win in Lourdes. Effectively ... more »

Reply to Should the UCI do more double headers? (in non-pandemic years) 10/16/2020 12:10 AM

Seeing as I can't watch it during work hours and a race coverage takes forever (3-4hrs, minimum 2hrs if you want to be sure not to miss the winner's run in case he is badly seeded) I'm not totally convinced about a full double header format. But, I was ... more »

Reply to 2021 Mountain Bike Team Rumors 10/13/2020 12:42 PM

Great start to the thread, a whole bunch of nonsense! I think the syndicate would be nuts to let Vergier go, he is the best performing but also the most entertaining with his goofy funny style. They know it too with how much they put him into their edits. ... more »

Reply to 2021 Mountain Bike Team Rumors 10/13/2020 8:00 AM

Nice, 2021 rumors thread before the 2020 season has even started, what a year!

Reply to MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 10/6/2020 2:40 AM

Took me way too long to realise this wasn't a Turbo Levo SL

Reply to MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 10/5/2020 7:52 AM

That's a bit harsh, they are coming along well in terms of looks of the bikes (used to be hideous, now just boring), and they sponsor great riders in the EWS and have gotten a handful of good results out of them. I also really appreciate that they are ... more »

Reply to Bike Magazine Shut Down? 10/5/2020 2:39 AM

I really liked the format, but unfortunately for them the format got replicated by every other outlet. I appreciated that they have multiple riders and good discussions, a lot of other outlets only have 1-2 riders per set of bikes which really limits ... more »

Reply to Lets talk mullet bikes! 10/1/2020 2:05 AM

I'm on both sides of the fence: Mullet'ed my 29er enduro bike with a heavy rear 27.5 wheel: almost no noticeable change in ride feel beyond increased chatter out back. Mullet'ed my 27.5 e-bike with a 29 fork+wheel (same tyre: MM supergravity). Was worried ... more »

Reply to MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 9/24/2020 2:22 AM

I think it might be partly due to the lockdown and social distancing, more people online sleuthing through forums and looking for something to talk about. Also possibly why we are all over-reacting one way or another. When I came across the new Commencal ... more »

Reply to 2020 Mountain Bike Team Rumors 9/21/2020 1:08 AM

Just realised this, the silver lining of 2020 is that we can go from 2020 team rumours straight to 2021 team rumours without having to bother with any of the racing! Amazing!

Reply to Evolution of MTBs 9/9/2020 3:26 AM

Just a short rant that the roadies seriously need to re-evaluate their approach to sizing, i never realised how bad it was. Looking at a bike for my wife: the reach difference on a XXS vs XXL scott is 3cm, it seems bikes just get taller (seatube and ... more »

Reply to Would a Mullet bike set up make hitting jumps easier?? 8/20/2020 4:39 AM

Yup, I didn't want to get into the numbers, as you need to factor in angle of the fork etc... But simplifying a little... (you made a slight error in taking the diameter+fork A2C, so you counting something twice) Generally speaking: In my experience ... more »