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Le Beignet Sinistre

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Just a short rant that the roadies seriously need to re-evaluate their approach to sizing, i never realised how bad it was. Looking at a bike for my wife: the reach difference on a XXS vs XXL scott is 3cm, it seems bikes just get taller (seatube and ... more »

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I would say make these 2 minute reviews and talk at a normal pace tongue

More seriously, I loved the previous version of this bike. Recently 2 riding buddies bought different specs: one guy upgraded from a 2010 spesh enduro 26er to the Jeffsy Base in this review and loves it, the other guy upgraded from a 2016 spesh enduro 29 comp (alu) to the jeffsy pro (carbon) but was really disappointed by how poorly it pedals.

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ok seat angle fans, i have the bike sitting here, so i made an APPROXIMATE actual seat angle measurement. hit refresh and scroll up toward the top of the article to see it.

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I feel so bad for Nico Lau on the Peugeot, like did this guy ever get to ride a decent bike in his entire career?

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Nice overview, but a handful of runs isn't really going to allow you to go into the details of the pressures allowed and puncture resistance of each insert.

I ran the original Huck Norris in my rear wheels after cracking right through a carbon rim (prior to using inserts). Maybe this has been fixed, but the original HN had quite big air bubbles, which captured a lot of sealant, so in the end you had to put a huge amount of sealant and extra weight to have a decent setup. Ride quality was unaffected, but I dramatically reduced my punctures and rim damage. Eventually I took them out after about a year and they were shredded on the sides, suggesting they saved my at least 20 punctures and rim dents/cracks. After taking them out I started puncturing again, even with heavy tyres (Assegai DH). HN doesn't really allow lower pressures.

I bought some Nukeproof ARDs last year and love them. As the reviewer said, installation is easy, removal can be a pain. I recently discovered the trick: take a mallet and tap the tyre lever to push the bead under the insert into the center of the rim, so it only adds a minute to remove the tyre. I bought the 27.5 version (they come in pairs), but you can slice one and pierce 2 holes and then zip tie it back together to make it fit a 29 rim (this is how HN works), this will also allow you to control any streching issues (seems to be the main complaint online). It does absorb some sealant, but really holds the tyre and supports the casing well. I don't think I have punctured via snakebite since using them, and recent inspection revealed a bunch of pierced edges, suggesting they have saved me half a dozen punctures. I recently had a bunch of issues with punctures with my "bike park" wheel: alu rim, 1200g tyre, no insert, and swapping over to a fallback setup: carbon rim, 900g tyre + ARD gave me no issues whatsoever.

From anecdotal experience, I would trust a 1000g tyre (Exo+ or DD) + ARD over a 1200-1300g DH casing without an insert. I'm about to try schwalbe's new supertrail tyres, which look ideal weightwise. (I previously had to run supergravity which were relatively heavy when paired with ARD for all day epics)

ARD also allows lower pressures thanks to good sidewall support, I run 23psi in the rear generally, but am pretty sure I could get away with 20ish. Not tested, but on a cheap alu rim, in race conditions I would not hesitate to finish a stage despite a puncture with ARD, I'm confident the tyre would stay seated and dents would be minimal.

Never tried cushcore, they look great, but price and weight make them non-starters for me.

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Yup, I didn't want to get into the numbers, as you need to factor in angle of the fork etc... But simplifying a little... (you made a slight error in taking the diameter+fork A2C, so you counting something twice) Generally speaking: In my experience ... more »

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Personal opinion based on multiple hours in the bike park testing: Short version: There is very little benefit to taking a 29er frame and going to a mullet setup. Long version: As recently as 2 weekends ago I tore up my 29er rear tyre in 3 places in ... more »

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I see them now thanks. Wow, some of the supertrail tyres are very heavy: big betty 29x2.4 = 1200g and 1300g in 2.6! Wow bigpark tyres are in the 1.6kg range...

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This conversation is always going to be difficult as people are all over the place globally with very different interpretations of "local" (to me my favourite spot "Blausasc" isn't really "local" even though is a 30 minute drive away...). Add to this ... more »

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Nice! Any links to the weights? I was a bit dissapointed that there were no "heavy" speedgrip tyres, but like you said "super trail" might actually be quite close to the last gen "super gravity". Whereas some of the new super gravity weights look very ... more »

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My experience riding the 1001sentiers regional championship for the last 10 years. (Nicolai, Cure, Tordo, Dailly were all raised on this championship and Barel/Vouilloz won quite a few rounds) "Recos" were a huge problem in France a few years ago, races

... more »
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Couldn't have a better ending

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Jeebus that video is awesome, Commencal really filling in that empty hole where vital raws used to reside. Can we start a quickstarter to just send Amaury and FrixFrix around to the various WC tracks with 10 videographers?

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Just read it in a French accent, it will make perfect sense! whistling
OK so I did proof read 'most' of it but in my defense I'm pretty much half French and definitely more than halfway towards fully senile, so there you have it. Guilty as charged.

Now I'm wondering whether or not to fix it, I...more

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Sweet looking bike, but considering the geo and weight, wouldn't adding 10mm travel and unifying the range make sense? Just how extreme is the AM going to be next week?

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Looks really nice, but there is a serious price creep going on, most of the models don't really count as "good value" due to some cheapish components. I guess they have to pay for those weekly sick videos and the massive DH team somehow!

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More like "CSU Miami"... badam Tssshhh

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Will we ever see anyone as loose as Blenki on 26" wheels ever again? His jeyrsey being 2 sizes too big just adds to the awesome factor.

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