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Nice! Hill posted a run of this test day on instagram during the week. His speed on the enduro bike has been blowing more than a few minds considering how horribly harsh that track is.

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I have the flexair pants pictured above and have been blown away at how light and comfortable they are, better than many shorts i've owned. I'm riding the 30"waist and am 178cm high, no issue with inseam, but the ankle width is unnecessarily tight when putting on and taking off.

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Running the Reynolds Blacklabel Enduro Wide Trail 34mm rims, no insert, Maxxis Minion DHR 2 Exo casing front and rear, 26psi Front, 29psi rear

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This won't help you much but... I tried it on my YT capra 29er, I was fully convinced it was going to be a game changer... Bike rode well with the 27.5 rear wheel, but when I put the 29er wheel back on I didnt notice any real change to the handling, ... more »

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My bad.

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As i have been on both sides of the fence I think I can chime in. Like many MTBers, I like tech, I'm an engineer. I like when progress is made, i still remember my hapiness when we moved to 12 an 20/15mm axles in hubs. Despite this, I still felt that ... more »

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Cool stuff, it is worth repeating again, the colour coding on those charts is an attack on sanity...

Note that the median income is way lower than the average, this means a couple millionaires filled in the form which biased the mean. $87k household median income sounds fairly normal considering the average age of the responder was 37 and thus likely to be married.

Only other interesting thing I haven't seen discussed is the 15% filled in "favourite bike park", clearly many people go to the nearest small one rather than plan expensive holidays to known brands (other than whistler)

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His top gap, drop and hip look proper big even with the GoPro effect. Kinda gutted he didn't get any award, I assumed he was a shoe-in for best build crew, but he could have taken best trick on the canyon flip for my money, the landing is so short he need to get it perfect!

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I have more or less hated the last 2 pairs I bought (G-form and Specialized), so ended up going back to some older IXS pads that are quite comfortable. From my point of view the main issue is that most kneepads these days are going for over 100$ and ... more »

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Vergier in Andorra, amazing

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Also it is the worst time of the 3 men teams that count, so basically 2/3 are riding for fun, and one poor dude is putting it it all on the line for his country!

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I like it, but wish it was more expensive.

Added a comment about photo Amaury Pierron's Commencal Supreme DH 29 at 2019 Worlds MSA 8/29/2019 6:32 AM

Very nice, but feels more like next year's team edition than a world's bike...

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Not exactly in the same spirit, but I have been looking for a heavy/tough tyre for bikepark runs wit harder compounds: it is really hard to find a DH or even DD/SG type tyre with any of the harder compounds. My main motivation here is "not throwing out ... more »

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Depends on the discipline really, my guess is that many XC pros can't manual over a few meters, some top enduro riders have mentioned things along those lines (FBM said he can't manual, Jerome Clementz said he wanted to learn how to whip). For those ... more »

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Not sure about his settings, but the back to back comparison of him vs the commencal rider at 3.13 is mind blowing, the bulldog seems to hit 5x as many compressions and swerve to hit a few extra ones just in case

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Nope, in Warsaw right now and the sidewalks are flooded with them, many lying flat on the ground or blocking the way, riders fly by on the sidewalks... People are inconsiderate everywhere...

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My commencal came with shaped grips somewhat similar to the ergon, as a purist I scoffed at them, but actually love them now and bought ergons as replacement which I also find very comfortable. Don't knock it until you try it

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