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I have more or less hated the last 2 pairs I bought (G-form and Specialized), so ended up going back to some older IXS pads that are quite comfortable. From my point of view the main issue is that most kneepads these days are going for over 100$ and ... more »

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Vergier in Andorra, amazing

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Also it is the worst time of the 3 men teams that count, so basically 2/3 are riding for fun, and one poor dude is putting it it all on the line for his country!

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I like it, but wish it was more expensive.

Added a comment about photo Amaury Pierron's Commencal Supreme DH 29 at 2019 Worlds MSA 8/29/2019 6:32 AM

Very nice, but feels more like next year's team edition than a world's bike...

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Not exactly in the same spirit, but I have been looking for a heavy/tough tyre for bikepark runs wit harder compounds: it is really hard to find a DH or even DD/SG type tyre with any of the harder compounds. My main motivation here is "not throwing out ... more »

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Depends on the discipline really, my guess is that many XC pros can't manual over a few meters, some top enduro riders have mentioned things along those lines (FBM said he can't manual, Jerome Clementz said he wanted to learn how to whip). For those ... more »

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Not sure about his settings, but the back to back comparison of him vs the commencal rider at 3.13 is mind blowing, the bulldog seems to hit 5x as many compressions and swerve to hit a few extra ones just in case

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Nope, in Warsaw right now and the sidewalks are flooded with them, many lying flat on the ground or blocking the way, riders fly by on the sidewalks... People are inconsiderate everywhere...

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My commencal came with shaped grips somewhat similar to the ergon, as a purist I scoffed at them, but actually love them now and bought ergons as replacement which I also find very comfortable. Don't knock it until you try it

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damn those trails look fun

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The camera was fine.

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Don’t like teletubby look. Trails are raw and rough. These are done blind while out working. Sorry for the low fi production. It’s a hero 7

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Typically something equivalent to exo up front and something closer to DD out back. I run a Huck Norris in the rear because I broke my first Chinese carbon rim, the second held up well thanks to the HN. Ridding a full DH tyre on the rear of my ebike ... more »

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Martin Maes Suspended... WTF

Added a comment about press release You Asked, We Delivered...$2100 M Series 6/26/2019 2:02 AM

To be fair, I don't think that many people are excited about 2k wheels, hence the price drop...

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Specialized pants on both of them. #teamrumors2020

EDIT: maybe they're just his friend's pants, since, you know, he 'forgot his kit' or something.

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Wow, there is some serious faith in Gwin on this forum! Did you guys see all the bad luck he had last week, not sure I would even want to get on the bike this weekend, let alone race were I in his shoes. Although Gwin+Leogang is like Hill+flats, miracles ... more »

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These days I usually catch the last 10 riders only, and often get screwed over by the UCI starting order as I miss the winning run :/ Way prefer raw and vital slideshows (I don't really bother with the other website's slideshows, I need that sweet audio ... more »