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Nice! You will definitely be happy on the trail. Off trail it’s up to you to handle the ammount of raddness they bestow upon your look.

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I have contacts and tried a bunch of brands before the 100% Speedcraft came out. They look ridiculous off the bike but I bought them for MTB for the full, almost goggle sized coverage. Air was always getting in under my Smiths and drying out my eyes, ... more »

Reply to Do Clipless Pedals Need a New Name? 10/16/2017 6:16 AM

I always thought that there are no toe clips on them, so they are clipless? Either way, flats all day.

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Makes sense, thanks for the clarification. Glad I posted in this thread as I now know a hell of a lot more vs. when I woke up this morning. I am definitely interested in the FX2, but for now, happily smashing laps and hucks to flat on my pink Bronson ... more »

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Jeff, I am inclined to listen to you as you know more about the tech side of it but curious to see what the main concern would be for the coil. The end stroke ramp delivered by the air can vs. the linear nature of the coil means I should conceivable ... more »

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Fox DHX2 on my Bronson. Love it, doesn't blow through the travel and keeps me feeling supported on hard impacts. The adjustability of that shock is pretty essential to ensuring I don't blow through it. I just swapped from a 500 lb (was impatient and ... more »

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Chatted with him in the parking lot at SC in between trail laps on a Trek just before Sea Otter. Morpheus lets him pick whatever trail bike since they don't offer it. Jose Gonzalez was in the lot too and they obviously knew each other. He must be able ... more »

Reply to POLL: Who Has the Best Looking World Champs DH Bike? 9/7/2017 7:54 PM

I gotta go for Moir's just 'cause it looks like a bike straight out of Tron, esp that green/yellow accent on the inside of the frame near the shock mount. Fearon's is the best Kona I've seen though.

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So the Brendawg interview a while back when he gets bleeped out saying XX is now on YY as brand ambassador is now clear. Needles on Scott

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0:35 - 1:03 is the best perspective of Fontana I've seen. He's getting bucked by big ass rocks a couple times but carries speed through those sections so well. On the edge and smooth as shit in the same shot, great stuff. (Watched on mute, but hey, I ... more »

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Like only the Syndicate can. So stoked for this team! And to see Peaty and Rat Boy in there, with Kathy crushing the bubbly. Bring it!

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Boy that Radon team sure looks like a fun time...

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Everything that has already been said, and pop those reflectors off the wheels too. Enjoy the new whip!

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Space shuttle exploding: The space themed kit from Troy, and Spec doesn't want to commit budget to a single factory WC rider when they already have Gravity Republic, enough exposure in DH and keeps the Enduro budget. French Fries and curry powder: American ... more »

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https://www.instagram.com/p/BK6wTOFDjpA/?taken-by=troybrosnan&hl=en Looking sharp thanks to @sd3.husqvarna A photo posted by Troy Brosnan (@troybrosnan) on Sep 28, 2016 at 4:28pm PDT

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All damn day!

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Waiting for my turn to ride. 2015 Sprinter 144 Crew 4x4 High Roof. Factory bench seat set back one row to create a VW Westfalia style camper on steroids. ARB 12V fridge/cooler for beer/food freshness, 17- 20 MPG burning 98.8% renewable diesel. ... more »
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Zero participation in the meeting. There is a very good reason for that, NO ONE rides the trails except for the people who Strava'd it and helped to get the rich ass local hikers and equestrians to them shut down. And Dirty Booger is right too, those ... more »