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New gravity biathlon modality spotted, downhill-slacklining aka DHSL.

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well, I guess Gwin has its own way for getting a chainless feeling with any bike

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I find the geometry inappropriate for the intended use. As some already mentioned, the super long top tube does not mean a super long reach because of the slack seat-tube angle. And this angle is the thing that bothers me the most. When you are sitting pedaling, you are already hanging off the back (not good for the climbs). Then when the trail points down, you are obliged to immediately put the saddle down because you cannot get off it otherwise; your arms were already almost outstretched while sitting. For me, 74-75 is the ideal range of seat angle because you are on the center of the bike, nice for climbing, and you can easily get off the saddle if the trail points down. It is true that most bikes come with a dropper post, but if the trail is changing continuously and going up in average, using the dropper is not really the best choice. In this respect, specialized (and few others) really nailed it. Surprisingly, the Scott Voltage FR 10 which was meant to be a park bike, has a nice pedaling position if you put a long enough seat post. I generally clamp the rails of the saddle of my bikes as forward as possible (and I have quite normal proportions).

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Nice. But, I thought that the zee derailleur was not able to handle the 31 teeth of difference in the 11-42 range ... Does it work properly?

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