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would love to see Fairclough in more edits & films with solid production value (just like this one). His segments in Follow Me & 3MG = mind blowing. WC DH'er pace and freerider style are a joy to watch...

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My choice of words was probably not the wisest. It isn't ruined as much as it has been downgraded, in my opinion. Rampage used to be about what you built, what choices YOU made, what you created with your bare hands and imagination. I honestly feel sad after seeing the rise of these loads of wooden structures in the middle of what was once a plain and simple wild scenario, which brought way more to the contest with the threatning canyons, giant drops, natural gaps and what not than what you get now. This is becoming a slopestyle contest, and that is simply not the Rampage way. But then again, who the hell am I to say what its way is...

It might sound like a stupid comparison, but I'm getting the feeling that the Rampage is becoming to the (real and pure) freeride scene what South Africa was to the WC. It's just not all there.

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Oh how "track rides" have come along! Go Pro stepped up their production game (as has Red Bull) in a big way. Also, narrating a run is something worth a lot of praise - cool stuff for sure.

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holy s$&t that backflip?!

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Sushi Village + no pants. FTW!

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Filip Polc's Carbon Evil

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