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You Asked, We Delivered...$2100 M Series 9

M Series wheelsets now available with Industry Nine 101 hubs

You Asked, We Delivered...$2100 M Series

Through an expansion of a strategic partnership with American hub manufacturer Industry Nine, we are proud to announce that the benchmark-setting M Series carbon mountain wheel line is now available with Industry Nine’s all new 101 hubs at an MSRP of $2100.

The addition of Industry Nine 101 hubs to the lineup means that upgrading to proven ENVE M Series rim technologies - such as Wide Hookless Bead and Protective Rim Strip, is easier than ever before.

So if you’re looking for a new carbon wheelset and want to squeeze every ounce of value out of your hard earned dollars, here’s why ENVE + I9 101 can’t be beat.   

Why ENVE M Series

●    5 Year Warranty and Lifetime Incident Protection- In reality, warranties are nice, deliver piece of mind, and allow you to rest assured that we’ve got your back. But with ENVE, the technologies in the new M Series means you’re more unlikely to ever need to use it and here’s why: 

●    Wide Hookless Bead (M5 and M6 Series) and Protective Rim Strip (M7 and M9 Series) are two proprietary technologies that are the result of more than 12 years of carbon mountain wheel development. We’ve learned, while obvious as it may seem, that broken carbon rims are more likely when you attempt to ride your wheels with flat tires. Flat tires that are a result of pinch flatting. Sure, our rims can take that kind of beating, but with ENVE, we’ve evolved beyond that point. Our anti-pinch flat technologies promise to eliminate the dreaded pinch flat, protecting your rim, tires and ride time without the extra cost, weight, and complexity of cumbersome tire inserts or the compromised ride of over inflated tires. 

●    Made in the USA- Sure, just because something is made in the US doesn’t inherently guarantee its quality. But any product bearing the ENVE name does - regardless of where it is manufactured. Ultimately, we are riders making the products we want to ride. Made in the USA means we get to try more concepts, tune more laminates, make more prototypes, and deliver a better ride experience overall. If you need to use our Warranty or have a question about your wheel, tire or bike set up, we’re a phone call away. 


Why Industry Nine 101

●    Made in the USA - 101 hubs are machined, anodized, and assembled in Industry Nine’s Asheville, NC headquarters and manufacturing facility. Our ability to source hubs from another US brand streamlines our supply chain and eliminates costly import duties, ensuring more performance for the dollar to you.

●    High engagement hubs in an innovative package -The all new I9 101 hub features leading engagement and durability without compromising quality and long term reliability

          ○     90 Points of Engagement with 4 Degrees of Engagement

●    2 Year Manufacturer Warranty - 101 hubs are covered under Industry Nine’s Alloy Product Warranty 

The M Series paired with I9 101 hub sets are now shipping. Please contact your local ENVE Ride Center, Authorized Retailer, or ENVE Customer Service for more information


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