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Added a comment about feature On eMTB's and Mountain Bikes 4/30/2020 12:37 PM

You're fighting incrementalism and it's silly.

The first bike didn't have any peddles, you sat on it and used your legs to propel yourself.

Then peddles and a single speed came about. Guess what? People complained about those being "too fast".

Then multiple gears allowed people to go much faster and much further.

Then shock absorbers and mountain biking came along. Remember all those hikers and equestrians who protested against MTB's being out in the wilderness?

And what about your protests against inexperienced people getting too far out into the woods. Isn't that same argument applicable to a hiker going out on their first regular mountain bike ride? What about a 22 year old buying a Subaru STI or a 35 year old buying a used Porsche (you can get them for like $15,000)? A Honda civic should do the trick, right? What about people complain about EMTB riders being disrespectful on the trail or passing people on the uphills etc?

At the end of the day it comes down to personal responsibility. If you hop on an EMTB and get lost in the woods and break and ankle your first time out that's due to bad decision making and not the fault of the product you bought. You don't ban fast cars on roads because people are irresponsible and drive them recklessly.

The haters can't even nail down why they hate EMTB's other than "it's cheating" or "gotta earn your turn" or "they don't ride as well" but that's just their inner emotions getting them riled up when they see someone who made a different purchase decision ride past them on the uphill and get more laps in.

Hate all you want it just shows your inability to grasp the bigger picture or rationally asses the situation. Face it, your reason is "I just don't like it because it I have to share the trail with more people and they may be less experienced and riding nicer bikes them me".

There is no logic or rational behind any class 1 EMTB ban on any trail and the only reason most of the Federal bans are still in place is due to Federal legislation from the 70's (I believe) that states "no motorized vehicles in federal wilderness" but we all know what they meant by that. Motorized means it needs engine oil, gas, and produces some sort of exhaust. A class 1 EMTB wasn't even dreamed about then yet it's the legislation that so many haters hide behind today. Claiming the letter of the law and the spirit of the law are in sync when they prohibit class 1 EMTB's is nonsense and you know it.

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