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For sure. There are still 6 bars, but the additional 2 bars are just for shock actuation. It ain't no Felt Equilink! It looks exactly like the new Enduro, but with a motor.

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There are six bar linkage versions zipping around in the woods by me!

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I just ordered a set of the DH 34 Bike Park Edition tires (because of this thread) for my trail/enduro bike. They were on sale for $39 a piece at Cambria Bike (I think there's only one left there now). I figured if the tread design can work well in a ... more »

Big Bird left a comment 6/27/2020 10:07 AM
Big Bird

I've finally got some work for the first time since February building bikes at Art's. I'll measure up some kids bike geometry and do some graph paper work to see if it's feasible.

Big Bird left a comment 6/27/2020 9:26 AM
Big Bird

Million Dollar Idea for you Evan. I'm in the middle of watching the Fantasy Fort William video and it's interesting to see the different wheel sizes compared. Us adults have moved up from 26, past 27.5 to 29. While kids bike geometry really hasn't changed. They start at 12" to 16" to 20" and up, all while sat high above the bike like adults on 26 years ago. The Idea...

Why not design a bike for beginners that starts with bigger wheels, perhaps starting with 20's, where they get to sit lower IN the bike like an adult on 29"s?

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Thanks Josh! I remember you from Post Office days...I don't trust my welding skills enough yet so I actually had John Caletti of Caletti Cycles do the tig welding for me. I did all the fabrication of parts including the jigs, and mitering all the tubes, but left the CNC work up to local machinist Dave Mather of Mather Machining. He made the lower link, upper link and idler pulleys that I designed. I had a look at all your projects in the past...Cool stuff for sure! At your height what would you say is your ideal reach and stack dimension if you were to make a trail/enduro bike for yourself? You're well over 6 feet right? I'm still researching sizing demands for taller riders...

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Tech question here...with roughly 50% of bicycle companies using "Horst" link suspension designs, do you guys experiment with/ride other designs to see if there is a potential different route to explore in the future? A way to differentiate yourselves ... more »

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Lost and Found gravel race cancelled with no refunds or credits! Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship keeping potentially $200,000 in entry fees for an event that is not happening. Thoughts?

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Cesar Rojo already has a patent granted on a similar design...

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Watch and learn from one of the best...Griz!

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@ JBSDesigns: Why do you not believe in 3DF Foam? Is this based on real life experience? If so was it with this specific pad? Or a much lighter version?

I too would like to see scientific testing to compare, but this would have to be done by an independent laboratory.

With the 3DF Hybrid model from Leatt I had zero doubts in the material. I actually felt like it had better protection than my Fox launch knee cup which has a hard plastic shell within. I've crashed on many a knee pad and this one did its job as advertised.

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 Leatt 3DF Hybrid (2015-2018) Knee Pad
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 DEITY Micro DM Stem
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2015 Giant Glory Advanced 27.5 0
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I rode the fork as provided to me for the test up until the air piston seal failure. When replacing the air piston I did not pull apart the lower leg on the damper side. On the air spring side it appeared to have 10-20cc's of heavy oil that drained out (looked like 90wt or so). Apparently it's the mixture of lubricating oil and grease? Maybe the SR Suntour guys can chime in about this?

When I replaced the air piston I used 20cc of 10wt fork oil in the lower leg as splash lubrication. They recommend 0wt30 or 0wt20 full synthetic motor oil that I did not have at the time. Better performance could be had with the thinner oil bath potentially. I also used roughly 10cc of Fox Float fluid on top of the air piston as they recommended a heavy gear oil similar weight to Fox Float Fluid.

I'm excited about the future improvements (especially to the air spring and damper) as these tweaks could really help the fork perform to its best. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

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That is the biggest bike box I have ever seen! How much does it cost to ship that bad boy?

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