Added a new video Josh Carlson and the Secrets of Becoming a Pro 3/9/2018 3:35 PM

A story about chasing a dream. Josh Carlson moved to Vancouver to pursue a career as a pro mountain biker, six years on and he's back in his hometown of Wollongong shredding hard and living the dream. Unsurprisingly the secret is hard work and dedication something that Josh has in spades. 

Here's what Revolution had to say about the video: 

This off season has been a major shift for Giant Factory Off-Road Team member Josh Carlson. Six years ago he and his high school sweetheart risked sacrificing everything as the left their home town of Wollongong and moved halfway around the world to Vancouver so that Josh could chase the dream of becoming a pro rider. He managed to achieve that goal and he’s been signed to one of the biggest team’s in the business ever since. He’s also ended up marrying the love of his life and they now have two beautiful kids. With his career well and truly on track Josh and his family have decided to pack up their lives and relocate back home to Australia. In the lead up to the 2018 Enduro World Series getting underway [R]evolution Magazine recently sat down with Josh at one of his local haunts on the beachside city he grew up in, to talk coming home, family, training, changes on the component front, trails, EWS and what the year ahead holds for one of Australia’s fastest and by far the frothiest exports… And there's plenty of Josh shredding his local trails to keep you entertained.

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Added a new video Syndicate Hot Lap - Windrock Pro GRT 3/8/2018 1:50 AM

Get pumped, race season is here! The Syndicate young guns, Luca and Loris punch out an early lap of this weekend's Pro GRT course. The track, complete with high-speed technical rock features, a jump line, and a whoop section wouldn't look out of place on the World Cup circuit.

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Connor is 100% on a 29er, just look at axel positioning on the lowers. Jack's 29er

Troy's 27.5 and Connor's 29er ... more »
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Added a new video Do You Even Log Drift Bro? - A 50:01 Snow Session 2/28/2018 11:42 PM

All the usual 50:01 shenanigans with a bit of added snow to make things even more drifty. Rain, hail, shine or snow you can always count on the 50:01 crew to be having a sick time! 

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Added a new video Exploring Israel by Bike with Scotty Laughland 2/27/2018 7:19 PM

Israel probably isn't anyone's first choice as a riding destination, but for those who like fast and dusty trails Scotty Laughland will have you reconsidering. From Tel Aviv to Eilat, Scotty takes us on a behind the scenes journey of one of the world's lesser know riding locations.

A full production video of his Israeli explorations drops in spring.

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Vali Höll is also a Red Bull athlete now too. She'd be full of confidence going into her first year juniors with the resources of Red Bull behind her. A post shared by V A L E N T I N A • H Ö L L (@valihoell) on Jan 28, 2018 at 9:20am PST

Added a new video Halo Wheels Keepin' Matt Jones Turning Since 08 2/24/2018 1:35 PM

OG Matt Jones footage proves that he didn't come from space simply to give us an MTB masterclass with his Frames Of Mind video. In the early days Matt was just a nice kid that shredded bikes, Halo hooked him up and 10 years later he's still rolling on Halo wheels. 

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UCI teams are now up and i guess officially ending the rumours Unno Factory Racing is probably the only listing that was yet to be announced.

Added a new video On the Hunt for New EWS Venues with ​Chris Ball 2/22/2018 10:08 PM

Chris Ball probably has the best job in mountain biking! Exploring the globe in search of fresh trails for the EWS is about as good as work can get.

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Added a new video Let the Good Times Roll - Two Years Behind the Lens with Calvin Huth 2/21/2018 11:05 PM

Calvin's personal montage of his last two years behind the lens is about as laid back and chilled as they come. If you're a fan of bikes, good vibes, amazing scenery and killer angles then you'll want to watch this one. 

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Added a new video Every Season Is Biking Season - Anti-Matter With Dillon Butcher 2/21/2018 10:34 PM

Dirt jumping? Snow jumping? Not entirely sure what it's classified as, but we'd file it under RAD! Dillion Butcher takes to the Stevie Smith bike park in the midst of winter and creates a unique line through the iconic spot.  

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Added a new video At Darkfest It's Either Go Big Or Go Home 2/21/2018 12:49 AM

And it was no surprise to anyone that they went big! The Darkfest crew certainly don't do things by halves, the size of these jumps is unbelievable. 

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Rumor confimed, Unno will be on the World Cup circuit in 2018. Looks like we will go racing World Cups this year, more on the news soon! . #rideunno A post shared by UNNO(@rideunno) on Feb 15, 2018 at 12:21am PST

Added a new video Sam Pilgrim and Max Fredriksson Take It to the Streets 2/14/2018 5:15 PM

The city of Barcelona is known for art and culture, but should also add killer street riding to its tourist brochures. If you asked Sam to sum up his thoughts on Barcelona he'd probably say, "This town is like a giant skate park."

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Added a new video Antoine Buffart Slowmo Styling 2/14/2018 4:38 PM

Every rider dreams of looking good in slow motion. Antoine Buffart is living that dream. Kick back, relax and imagine what your life would be like if you had this level of style and steeze. 

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Added a new video Dirt Jump Highlights From Farm Jam 2018 2/13/2018 7:45 PM

Perfectly shaped jumps, chilled vibes and a whole heap of your favourite pros. Farm Jam produced the goods yet again! Featuring Conor Macfarlane, Ryan Howard, Lewis Jones, Tyler McCaul, Ray George, Carson Storch and Matt Jones. 

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FMD racing seems to be one of the few teams still on the Shimano program.

Added a new video Farmer on Patrol 2 (or Roosting Turns in the Woods as We Like to Call It) 2/12/2018 12:59 PM

Fred the frog says this video is sh*t hot and we'd be inclined to agree. Josh Gleave shows the world some Cheshire loam and inadvertently makes viewers drop whatever they're doing so they can go to the woods to dig turns and shred bikes.

Want more? Yeah you do! Watch the original Farmer on Patrol.

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Yep, you're on the money. Should we start placing bets as to whether he's on a Sram or Shimano gear setup?