Added a new video The Battle of the Yards Has Begun | McCaul Meets Brett Rheeder 8/18/2017 5:54 PM

A sneaky first look at Brett Rheeders new yard, big bike shreds and a sunset session at the Van Steenbergen, we'd say moving to Vernon, BC was an excellent choice. Cam McCaul catches up with Brett Rheeder to talk all things slopestyle and the journey from the flatlands of Ontario to the top of the Joyride podium.

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Added a new video Fairclough, Vink, Jameson and Volokhov Ride Fast and Pull Up 8/18/2017 6:41 AM

The best lines in Whistler aren't even on the trails! The Scott Bikes crew competes to see who can send it the biggest. Featuring Brendan Fairclough, Nico Vink, Kyle Jameson and Alex Volokhov.

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Added a new video Mont St Anne, Whistler Chills, Aussie Surf & Rock Slabs | Atherton Diaries Ep 10 8/18/2017 6:39 AM

The Atherton Racing recipe for an instant video banger. A dash of irony as Muddy goes surfing whilst Dan gets muddy, a touch of wild World Cup action and a whole lot of sideways shenanigans in everyone’s favourite bike park. Yeah It's pretty tasty.

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Added a new video Rémy Absalon "Rest" Day is an Average Riders Big Day 8/16/2017 4:08 AM

Rémy Absalon and Elliot Trabac are machines! Recovery from the biggest EWS of the year consists of tearn' up trails in the Whistler valley. Someone tell these two they're allowed to rest their legs and ride park for the day.

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Added a new video Continental Drift | On Track Season 4, Episode 2 8/1/2017 9:34 PM

The Enduro World Series lands in the old mining town of Derby, Tasmania for round 2. After a disappointing race in Rotorua, New Zealand, Curtis Keene and Jared Graves arrive early to spend a week training and riding, before the skies opened up to cement this seasons reputation as the Enduro Wet Series.

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Added a new video Lorin Whitaker from Flying Monkey to King Kong 8/15/2017 10:22 PM

They breed them tough in Utah. Local junior shredder Lorin Whitaker double flats in his final high school xc race but we doubt he’s losing any sleep over it. This kid is seriously stoked on bikes and has no problems tearing apart King Kong... the trail, not the gorilla. Canfield Brothers with the full story: Canfield Brothers team rider Lorin Whitaker has been riding the red ridges of his backyard in Virgin, UT, nearly as long as he’s been riding bikes. But his talents extend beyond freeride, and his riding—and larger than life personality—made him a staple on his high-school cross-country team, the Flying Monkeys. Filmmaker Seti Gershberg visited the Utah desert to follow along with Lorin for his final cross-country race of the season as well as a lap down the infamous King Kong freeride line. Whether it’s racing his Yelli Screamy on the cross-country course, or sending his Canfield Brothers Balance off massive drops onto narrow ridges in the desert, the young athlete’s passion for bikes and life is infectious. “It doesn’t matter what mood you’re in when you run into Lorin, you’re going to be in a better mood when you walk away,” says coach Danny Christensen. What’s next? Whitaker says that now that he’s graduated, he plans to return to help coach the team next year. “I want to give back to mountain biking and give back to the Flying Monkeys what I got out of it,” he says. “You learn so many things when you’re riding your bike that are applicable to daily life. So, trying to learn some more life lessons and share those with others. Ride bikes and have a good time.”

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Added a new video The Relaxed, Chilled-Out Version of Loosefest - Small is Still Not a Word We’d Use 8/14/2017 4:55 PM

Wind holds are inevitable when riding the most monstrous jumps in the business. Luckily, for the select group of pros and talented Loosefest locals there is plenty of sick riding to be done in the bikepark when mother nature won't let you send it to the moon.

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Added a new video Steezy Whistler Laps with Rémy Métailler 8/12/2017 11:07 PM

Rémy Métailler Whistler’s resident style master and POV king, lights up the bike park with Oscar Harnstrom and former Whip Off World Champ Bernado Cruz.

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Added a comment about video MEGA CRASH, Warning, Not for the weak to watch, My worst crash ever, Whistler Bike Park 2017 8/12/2017 4:14 AM

Dude that was gnarly! OTB's are the worst. Best of luck with the recovery

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Added a new video 2017 Red Bull Joyride Course Preview On-board with Ryan Howard 8/12/2017 3:53 AM

Boosting their way down the Boneyard, Ryan "R-Dog" Howard and Justin Wyper give us the first look at the 2017 Red Bull Joyride course. This year’s course has 12 features, giving the riders plenty of opportunity to showcase the depth of their trick bags. Will Nicholi Rogatkin be the first ever winner of the Slopestyle Triple Crown or will someone else take out the biggest event on the slopestyle calendar? Speculate below.

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Added a new video Jill Kintner - This Is Home 8/11/2017 3:41 AM

Jill Kintner hauls some serious freight on her home trails as she shows us what makes her tick. Bryn Atkinson, also a professional mountain biker and her main training partner, the art she creates that puts her mind at ease, and the local riding community make this place home. Check out the complete photo feature and story thanks to Shimano.

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Added a new video Richie Rude Rips Fresh Trails at Aspen Snowmass 8/9/2017 4:56 PM

Richie Rude gives the new trail at Snowmass Bike Park his seal of approval before it opens to the public this weekend. Having already hosted round 6 of the recent Enduro World Series, you know it’s going to be steep, technical and a hell of a lot of fun!

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How-To: Crush Corners Like Our Favorite Pros
(Feature Story)

8/8/2017 8:44 AM

Added a new video Champéry is Still RAD 8/8/2017 1:49 AM

A truly legendary track, Champéry will always be a fan and rider favourite. Watch Kristof Lenssens and Antoine Buffart shred this mythical venue that everyone wants to see hold another World Cup.

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Added a new video Ratboy and Loosedog's American Dream | A 50to01 Road Trip 8/7/2017 6:50 PM

Josh Bryceland and Josh Lewis jib their way across America. Mix the jibs with plenty of shredding and you have the perfect 50to01 mix. Featuring Jackson Hole, Stevens Pass and more.

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Added a new video Rupert Chapman Demolishing Morzine 8/4/2017 4:06 PM

When you’re a World Cup racer with some mid-season downtime you spend it in Morzine. Rupert Chapman ensures the trail builders remain employed with some serious berm destruction and wild riding.

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Added a new video Finding Form | Fast Life with Loïc Bruni - Episode 6 8/3/2017 3:23 AM

The World Cup circus lands in Lenzerheide for Round 5. Riders contemplate what it means to be on form and where to find it. Some know the formula and can draw on it week after week, year after year. Others struggle to hold onto it for longer than a weekend, if ever at all. But as Aaron Gwin knows even form doesn’t protect you against flats. Looking ahead to Mont Sainte Anne we remember the legacy that is Steve Smith. His approach and influence live on in the current crop of Canadian racers. One Canadian in particular Finn Iles, having already taken the junior overall is thinking about next season and how he’ll stack up in elites against team mate Loic Bruni. Ride fast, don’t crash. #longlivechainsaw

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Added a new video Kirt Voreis Melts Your Mind with Recline 8/2/2017 5:38 PM

If recumbents ever had a chance of being cool, today is the day. Kirt Voreis and co, bring you Recline, featuring all the trills, spills and chills that riding horizontal causes.

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Added a new video Atherton Diaries Episode 9: Shredding the Dyfi and Rach Wins Her 10th National Champs 8/2/2017 4:59 AM

Dan is up at 4:30AM again and heading up to sculpt the bike park trails – nothing unusual in that to be fair, but finding Gee Atherton in the digger IS a bit of a surprise! It’s a great week for the team at National Champs as Rachel takes her 6th consecutive and 10th career National Champs win and Kade and Luke both podium with 3rds – not bad going for first years in their category. At practice Rach is nervous after watching "everybody" crash in the bottom section but it's business as usual come finals when she nails her run in the accustomed style to claim her 6th consecutive year wearing the Champions sleeve at "the perfect British race." Meanwhile Gee is repping the team in Munich at the "legs on fire" challenge, but some of the Trek staff are less than impressed with his pedaling prowess! Rach shows us her motocross bike and gets stuck in a bog and the guys hit up the Dyfi trails where a huge session goes down with Dan, Gee, and Gaz making Rach pedal to keep up. Everyone is pretty tired at the end of the day but the team take their last shred of energy to Dan’s homemade skatepark for just a couple more thrills and spills!

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Added a new video Reboul Jam Best Tricks Highlights 8/1/2017 1:13 AM

All killer no filler! Best tricks highlights from the second edition of the Reboul Jam at Chatel Bikepark. The slopestyle competition was organised by Louis Reboul, Chatel Bikeparks, Scott and Loose Riders.

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