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We have good days and bad days, understanding how to handle bad days and put them away to not affect us for the future good days is something we all struggle with from time to time.

In this episode Brook talks about how chasing your goals and striving for performance excellence is what drives him to look past the bad days in high performance racing.

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By the looks of it when you run one shock, it goes in the downtube. You've gotta hand it to Cannondale though, they certainly live outside the box. 2Stage had a DH bike back in the day that ran two shocks but with a completely different concept. They

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A couple more bikes from the IXS. Blenki's Norco is super dialed

Wyn on the reverse mullet 69er GT Fury Mega-sized rotors on Vali's Tues 29er. Although the photo angle does kind of makes it look like a reverse mullet bike ... more »
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Added a new video Who Is Marine Cabirou? 4/22/2019 2:02 AM

The first round of the World Cup is less than a week away so it's a perfect time to find out more about Scott Factory Racing's elite female rider Marine Cabirou. 

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Kye Ahern and Magnus Mason's 29er Senders. Interestingly they're both still running the Rockshox Vivid instead of the Super Deluxe View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lukas Grauel (@lukegrl) on Apr 21, 2019 at 11:30am PDT Side profile of Danny Hart's reverse mullet

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Vali's time would have put her within 2 seconds of Tracey and 2nd in elites. It's probably been said a million times but Vali is going to dominate women's downhill very soon. Do we have any confirmation if she's stepping up to elites or is she going to clean up in juniors for another year?

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So I was bang on when I said it was similar to what Danny was running. Danny's mechanic Dave Garland is the man behind Stendec. Seems to be one of the first complete telemetry setups available to the wider public. I'd love to see a data comparison between

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There are so many places we are dreaming about but the only place, where we truly want to be is in the flow. South Africa is a dynamic and vibrant destination that offers an unrivaled wealth of experiences for mountain bikers. It's a treasure trove of exciting routes, discovered and waiting to be uncovered. Andrew Neethling chased for us the rays in South Africa putting XTR to its limit. 

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Posted this in the Racing Rumours thread for the Syndicate banter but some tech info also. Not sure about everyone else but I find Jordi’s frustrations hilarious

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The Fox + Syndicate puzzle continues This seems about right

So much gold on the Syndicate Instagram View this post on Instagram Someone call @cordijortes it isn’t landing like all the other bike’s on Instagram. 😭 A post shared by The Syndicate(@scsyndicate) on Apr 17, 2019 at 7:36am PDT
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Josh Bryceland and Sam Hill making a return at Maribor would be sick!!

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News flash: The Syndicate (mostly Loris) are a bunch of fiddlers. Go behind the scenes at the FOX testing camp as the Syndicate dials in their suspension and Jordi somehow gets through the weekend with his sanity intact.

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Queenstown has become the home of the Vanzacs. Year in, year out we spend our summers sampling some of the best riding, night life and good times . This edit is everything this crew lives for and we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. 

If you like the video and want to support the Vanzacs, head over to and buy a t-shirt.

Don’t get a job.

Loic's V-Tank 2010 Stock Giant Glory - The Star of the Show

In the day and age of $10000 bikes you can still have fun on a 300-600 dollar, 26” bike. Although we have one side of the sport with F1-style support trucks, staff, chefs, physios, psychologists, massage therapists, line coaches, strength coaches, managers, agents, personal photographers and filmers for just single or a handful of riders there still exists within this crazy sport we love reckless abandon of youth and friends and fun fueling the dream of endless beers and park laps with tee shirt sales. Listen in as Sven Martin chats to the only rider with a solo part in the edit, and keep it in mind next time you feel like complaining about some new standard making your life miserable.

Photos and interview by Sven Martin

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Follow Dean Lucas on the hunt for the green and gold stripes at the Australian National Champs in Bright, Victoria. 

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Brook would have been one of the riders I'd have picked for a potential 29/27.5 combo. Seems like he's staying on 27.5

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Hutchinson has released a new tire called the Griffus Racing Lab but more importantly, they've released a sick video. The stacked athlete roster includes Carson Storch, Reed Boggs, Kilian Bron, Isabeau Courdurier, Rémy Métailler, Nicolas Lau, Antoni Villoni, Romain Baghe, and Hugo Schoonheere.

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Todtnau is a small village in the Black Forest, South West Germany. We arrived in blistering sunshine. Henry, being from the Highlands of Scotland immediately changed in to shorts and t shirt and basked his pale skin in the German sun. Little did we know the next day or so would leave a blanket of fresh snow all over the valley. Being plucky Brits (and a couple of Frenchmen) we got the rakes and shovel out and cleared most of the downhill track! Testing in these conditions was a challenge but the EXT Racing Shox are basically race ready out of the box, with a little tweaking they're a perfect match for our Propain Rage frames. Our good friend and Propain ambassador Marcus Klausmann from 77 Suspension was also on hand to let us try his new damper for the Rockshox Boxxer fork which showed some great results. A special thanks goes out to 2Cycle bike shop in Todtnau for being so helpful by letting us use their workshop space, uplift trailer, coffee machine and knowledge about the area! We are super excited for the season ahead! Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook page for more updates. Follow @propainfactoryracing. Cheers and see you at the races!

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For those who don’t want to hunt through Instagram here are the 2019 Syndicate bikes.

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