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A bit of a rant. If you take a look at the Geo diagram the point that the actual seat tube center line and this meaningless center line that is to represent a seat tube angle intersect what in the hell is this point meant to represent? Is it where my saddle might be when slammed down? The result is that the top tube length and SA mean nothing. When is the industry going to get its act together and actually figure out a way to actually communicate what my cockpit length is going to be at the saddle height I use? Reach is important but it does nothing for how is this bike going to fit when seated. After checking Pivot's web site and looking at the picture displaying the geometry the point I am referring to is not in the same location as the picture hear on vitalmtb. But to my point I wish we could get dimension for actual cockpit length at a given saddle height. I have found two mfg's giving the effective top tube length at two different saddle heights. I appreciate there effort in giving more info to us trying to decide how a bike may fit.

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Too bad for Sam that the race is not decided based on average finish position of each stage. Sam beat out Ritchie in that. It is also interesting that Sam and Ritchie are the only two to take a first place in a stage and Sam finishing either 1st or 2nd. Sam racing for the overall and Ritchie has nothing to loose and can go all out. Great racing!

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Juan or John?

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I am on the same page. You would think that MFG's as large as Specialized would be able to offer better values than small boutique builders but that is not the case. How much of what you would spend on say an S-build goes to support the massive amounts of dollars Spesh spends on teams and sponsorship?

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26" 2.35 and 2.6 in DH-27.5 2.35 and 2.6 in DH-29" 2.35 in DH I imagine the 2.35 since his bike is a 29er. Schwalbe's 2.35 run big.
check out the link

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Great stuff!

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It does not use two dampers. One will be a damper and one is just an empty shock body to mount the spring to when you see two bodies.

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But was that not in reference to comparing it to a Nobby Nic.

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On the rear why a cut Dirty Dan and not a cut Magic Mary? Congrats to Martin, Mark and GT.

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If Redbull started to get retaliation effort from as you say maybe Monster you would think they would reconsider. How far could all this go? Now is Redbull the only one that can bring coverage to the world? I bet not. What if no Redbull athletes podium ... more ยป

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Are you actually part of or are you SAR? I have questions about SAR spring material? What exactly is it? Do you have load curve charts that chart the entire stroke for both standard available Mt. bike shock springs and the SAR higher pitched wound springs?

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Where is Thomson?

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That would be an evolution not revolution.

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