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1. Wow. Watched twice already.
2. OMG it looks slippery.
3. Holy jesus these guys are good.
4. I'd almost reckon it the slower pace this year actually almost looks less dangerous than what went down in 2015.

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it's not as clear as normal trails policy when it's a big event inviting riders to a limited space though. since smutok, spangler and crew built the canyon gap, are they the only ones allowed to ride it? no b/c they built it for the event. i'm curious to see if judging is impacted by this. 2 riders do the exact same line w/ exact same tricks, scores should be really tight. the judges probably know who built the line, so does the builder get scored higher? if so, that defeats the whole purpose of the event, really.

i know there's no easy solution. i'm a territorial dick when it comes to trail stuff i built in the past and i'd be bummed out if someone outscored me on a line i spent weeks on while they just poached. it's a tough call. since it's an invited, commercial event, trails rules can't apply IMO...should be gentlemen's rules.

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