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Added a comment about feature [Updated] New Ohlins STX22 Air Shock Featured on 2016 Specialized Enduro 7/23/2015 11:00 PM

This isnt that hard... The Enduros will probably get SWAT doors when the engineering team has enough resources (aka quits gherkin it on proprietary road bike parts that will likely be recalled early 2016).
Second, this shock is specifically designed to deal with outdated bad suspension design. Proprietary mounts, proprietary length/stroke... Exciting! PUSH wont do a shock for the Enduro 650b over 190lb rider weight because the ratio is garbage.
This shock is a bandaid for bad frame shock rates, not new tech that will have any trickle-down to applly to any other brand bike. I feel sorry Ohlins was talked into working with these clowns.
Any idiot should deduce that this bike/shock is a complete waste of money until redesigned in 2016. And it will still a be a waste until proprietary mounts and stroke/lengths are gone.
Way to go Specialized and Ohlins (slow clap......)

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