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Thank god he wore that aero lycra, definitely wouldn't have made it in baggier clothing. Also glad the team mechanic showed up with that pressure gauge to adjust tire pressure for him - that tool on his own would have weighed him down too much. Can't believe the Sherpa team didn't make him wear oxygen. I don't think that record will ever be attempted again, just too dangerous.

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I've got some insight into Enduro, also picked a lot of this up from big mountain freesking comps in my former days. Enduro is fun because there is a lot more pacing and strategy going on than a DH race where its one-and-done, and this suits my style ... more »

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Methinks thats a different chase car - they look to their ~2'oclock while saying "got eyes on you" and Kirby Chambliss plane approaches the Audi from the rear. Voice at 0:55 sure sounds Gwin-ish. Damn, got all excited I might have internet sleuthed out ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2016 Racing Rumours 1/29/2016 7:49 AM Just saw this Red Bull colab video drop. Big production, been out over a week. Who do you think is rally-driving that Audi in the beginning? Gwin (0:45 eyes, 0:55 voice), even though he isn't in the credits ... more »

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Love it. Old school footage when the video cams sucked is the best. You gotta check this clip from '93, OLD school Moab. Its like a Greg Stump ski flick. Throwback masterpiece, reminds me of childhood.

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I'd be into it. I wouldn't expect the tracks to be gnarly, but certain venues could make it happen. 1) More exposure isn't a terrible thing, and it could 'legitimize' more downhill type trail building. Instead of some fringe sport you might be able to ... more »

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Oh yah, I'm pretty sure you could program XTR Di2 shifter/derailleur for 7 shifts on the X01 DH cassette... And ceramic bearing BB

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Chris King hubs with Ceramic bearings are way more MSRP than DT 240s. Don't forget the direct mount chainring for the SixC cranks from Wolf Tooth / One Up / Absolute Black

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Touche - I meant 'hammer it out' as a figure of speech; depending on how/what the rim is bent/dinged you could use a hammer and/or pliers and/or wrench to bend it back to a more useable position. Just depends on the damage!

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If the ding is causing enough deformation of the tire bead when seated that no amount of sealant will help, then yes you are SOL. If it is just gurgling a bit and sealant is leaking out, you may be able to seal it with more sealant. If that is the case, ... more »

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Ok first off we need to clarify that $700mm Powerball = ~$400mm immediate pay cash value - 40% capital gains tax mean you are actually pocketing ~$300 million from this jackpot, and that is consider you are single winner (likely there will be multiple ... more »

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Take the winter off-season to do something off the bike, get strong squatting in the gym, do yoga, roll out on the foam roller, play another sport. I'm shocked how many bikers don't ski and vice versa - they are very complimentary sports (you are facing ... more »

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I'm all about slack, but how much slacker can a 29er get before its a floppy sack of turds? Honestly with 51 offset 65-66 is reasonable when comparing to 27.5 trail & flop calculations. I just not sure if the 'perfect' 29er with that much travel ... more »

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Well, yah, duh... Of course SC is 'redesigning' the Tallboy LT - it is the oldest frame in the lineup to not have a major redesign in the last few years - it will of course receive the new linkage treatment = shorter CS, longer TT, steeper SA, slacker ... more »

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it's not as clear as normal trails policy when it's a big event inviting riders to a limited space though. since smutok, spangler and crew built the canyon gap, are they the only ones allowed to ride it? no b/c they built it for the event. i'm curious to see if judging...more

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Agreed with @sspomer - there is limited space to build, and I've judged similar competition formats once upon a time in the big mountain freeskiing realm... My thoughts:
If you built it, you should know every inch of it better than someone 'poaching' it, thus you have no excuse not to ride it better and score better.
If a few people ride the same exact line, the one who rode it better should score better, this is a judged competition. Of course there are politics involved, but this is the basis of a judged event. If you can't handle it, go race where the clock doesn't politic, discriminate, or lie.
Overall, with limited space this is a ridiculous pissing contest. If I was one of these guys getting yelled at for 'poaching', I'd want to ride it out of spite and say "ok here's the deal, I'm going to ride it with your permission or not, so I can either bring my crew to help dig, or I'll sit back and watch you dig, save my efforts, and still ride it."

You know what a real champion would do?? Be a cool calm professional & gentleman; happily let anyone ride it / help if they can, and then go out and throw down the best run without bitching about 'poaching.' Arrive on the top step of the podium with all the riders happy for you, no questions about politics or lines, just knowing you won the day.

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Here's a fun one. Redbull event with videos put out by redbull. Maybe none of this is actually as portrayed and they just want to make a redbull guy seem like the voice of reason in the face of those dirty underhanded monster guys. Because your future diabetes has a...more

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"their already low margins squeezed" = LOL. You mean keystone margins? Like the $10 part you are selling for $20? Most car dealers make lower margins off a $30k vehicle than a shop makes on a $6k bike, but they understand business and move inventory. It is pretty common knowledge in the car industry that anything on the lot over 30 days is basically losing money. But at bike shops its laughable, there are year-old models that are discounted $500. You should have moved that bike a year ago for $1,000 margin, now you're sitting on it because you tried to make the $2,000 margin. Time to adapt or die - ask Kodak about that. This is the internet age, there is no longer a benefit to having most non-time-sensitive parts on the floor at MSRP. The long tail is captured by Amazon, they've seen to that. Time to provide top-notch service at reasonable prices, move inventory at lower margins, and figure out what items are actually worth having in-stock and racking up inventory costs.

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I think the original vision of 'Enduro' as sport is fully suited with this format. Per the original email addressing practice, each event is different. In my respectful opinion, complaining/whining that you don't get the same practice and are now disadvantaged ... more »

Added a comment about feature [Updated] New Ohlins STX22 Air Shock Featured on 2016 Specialized Enduro 7/27/2015 5:29 PM

Ok my words were a little harsh, I'll give you that, let me try and explain more eloquently from an engineering standpoint...
Progressive-ity is simply the the differences between shock rates on the given bicycle. However, from a true usage standpoint, this fails the rider. A big-hit bike (and the Enduro is certainly billed/should-be-used as such) should be engineered to have a leverage curve that doesn't put all the ending-stroke force on the shock. Hence, why the ElevenSix shock is listed as 'under 190lbs' for an Enduro 650b. Therefore I can deduce that the entire bottom-out resistance is supposed to be provided by the shock damping / pressure itself. This is further confirmed by ridiculous failure rates of the Cane Creek Inline. First off, that is a parts-spec oversight on this type of bike. Secondly and more importantly, it could be blamed by 'tolerances' at first but there still remains a large proportion of shocks outside of this manufacture window that are/were failing, riders hating the shock, and internally at Spec they know the Inline is a disaster. Beyond the shock rates, there are still mumblings that the proprietary mount (supposedly there to give better bushing wear rates) puts too much odd-angled-pressure and causes seal/damping failure of the shock. Informed speculation leads me to believe they had this discussion:
Cane Creek: "Well unfortunately that shock, with your linkage, and intended use, is a bad combination. You need to fix that shock rate, leverage ratio, and/or proprietary linkage to stop this premature wear and failures."
Specialized: "We don't want to change our stuff because we're so committed. If you don't want to do it, we'll find a manufacturer inexperienced enough with mountain bikes to do what we want."
In steps Ohlins. Sorry, but I'm not convinced this is some new tech that is a panacea for riders. It is simply a band-aid for engineering failures. And there is absolutely NO reasonable, logical answer as to why the shock stroke has to be special, and/or why the linkage has to be special. Especially when it is directly attributable to premature shock wear/failure.
Further Specialized fails on this bike:
Proprietary mount / stroke & eye-to-eye: Think you'll get a new shock down the road? LOL. You can buy the same outdated shock we originally spec'd for full retail!
Enduro platform: Alloy rear end, external routed cables, at a $4k frame price-point?!? Any excuses as to why they can't match cheaper, comparable frames with full carbon rear and internal routing? I'm sure there are plenty - they are all BS and marketing gobbledygook. The re-design is coming, it doesn't take a sacrificed fresh virgin with the oracle to deduce that.
Bottom line: this 'new' Ohlins tech is a bandaid for bad engineering with the intended usage. There so many good manufacturers of suspension out there the benefits will be marginal if they are available aftermarket / OE on other bikes.
Anyone who pays that price for an out-of-date frame design is a fool.

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