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Dolomiti is a Melbourne based retailer of electric bikes. The Dolomiti electric bike showrooms are based in the heart of Carlton with its custom fit-out showcasing Melbourne's premier electric bikes like no other. Dolomiti's staff are all passionate about electric bikes with expert e-bike mechanics and sales staff providing you with any necessary solutions. Dolomiti stocks a full range of electric bikes including small foldable electric bikes, commuter electric bikes, off-road electric bike with various battery and styling technologies to meet your requirements. Dolomiti is fully committed to electric bikes - its partnership is driven by young entrepreneurs with a passion for sustainable innovations. Our young team has been the driving force behind multiple programs including the world's largest electric bike trial based from Dolomiti headquarters in Carlton. Dolomiti continues to work together with government agencies, universities, member based organization, local councils and private enterprise to improve Melbourne's connectivity and awareness to a new transport option. Dolomiti's young partnership is passionate about electric bikes and their ability to improve connections, health, the environment and provide sustainable transport independence. Dolomiti Electric Bikes Australia 202 Elgin Street, Carlton VIC 3053 Australia Ph.: +61 3 9982 1440 Email: Website:

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