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The conspiracy is a joke. Physically the current Shimano based design didn't fit anything lower than a 11t cog without mods. Sure, they could just go larger on the big ring. However, 12 speed isn't just for easier gearing. It's also set up for a larger high gear and...more

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2:33 FTW

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Danny with the speed and Kade with the style. Loving it!

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Could not agree more about finding the limits of a bike and how much fun that is, that’s why I recently swapped from a Patrol to a Scout and am very happy I did. Great review BT

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Unior Devinci Factory Racing

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Firstly, killer work Vital crew. This is one of the best bike tests I've seen. IMHO it works so well because of the fairly narrow field of well matched bikes (bruisers) and 2 similarly quick riders, with slightly different strengths. Secondly, it seems a lot of the commenters vastly overestimate how much of a difference there is between the parts - namely suspension and tires. None of it is junk and the geometry/suspension kinematics play a much bigger role than the perceived difference between a modern mid-range to gucci damper does.

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About 5 years ago, when the majority of mountain bikes were still on 26" wheels, I owned a couple of different 29ers - first a SC Tallboy and then a Yeti SB95. Both were really good bikes and probably among the very best 29ers at the time. I also still ... more »

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sick vid! i think we need the ultimate utah style battle royale - giese vs cody kelley - every spectator's a winner on that

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I've had great luck with the higher level SRAM XX1 chains. I have 3 that I use in rotation on 2 different bikes and have a ton of miles on them.

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I don't think anyone fully comprehends how loony Gee is. To come back from that sort of thing this fast and qualify? Gee is officially a synonym for the word "savage".

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I assure you that the gents testing this concept (Transition, FOX, RockShox, Chris Porter, etc) know exactly what's up. I'd like to think I do as well, having been at this testing game for several years. The back-to-back process typically reveals all.

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no worries. b/c these are face-to-face, we're limited to who we can interview. we've talked about a non-face-to-face format but the audio quality and the conversation quality is just different when you're not sitting together. i'm hoping...more