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Clearly my bike is the best bike on the website

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Remind me why we need wireless derailleur/post actuation? ohh... that's right we don't #gohomeSramyourdrunk

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I guess they need to free up cash to pay for Gwin ;-)

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I'm unconvinced. I've unboxed many bikes from many large manufacturers, and I've never found one that can be properly built up & adjusted in ten minutes. Derailleur hangers are rarely straight; cable tension usually needs to be dialed in; brakes often need alignment, piston resets, or even bleeds; rotors are often out of true; hubs are frequently tighter than ideal; headsets aren't adjusted well... etc. I've seen all of these on bikes from old-school dealer-sales manufacturers; I've seen the same problems on bikes from direct-to-consumer companies. Maybe Canyon has perfected their build procedures so that none of these are issues when the bike arrives. I'll believe it when I see it. For now I don't believe any company has found a foolproof way to ship a bike so that it arrives in a condition that meets the standards of an experienced mechanic.

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