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Added a comment about video TEN,000 Hours Episode 1 | Dakotah Norton 1/19/2017 6:27 AM

Man I'm super bummed you feel this way. Actually it's really hard racing full time and being away from your family. I probably seen my mom a week last year. It's cool to see some of the world but there is an opportunity cost to everything you do, you really give up a lot. When I was finishing my 4 year degree last fall I was flying back and forth to school from the races to finish and it made things really stressful to balance that. While all winter I work anything I can to make enough money to pay to get to the races in the summer. Right now I'm living in a van in the southeast crashing on couches and scraping floors and hanging sheet rock to try to make this whole dream I have a reality. I'm really greatful for every opportunity I have been given although I'm far from getting any money from sponsors to race, just pumped to get some new tires and not ride people's warn out parts anymore. Maybe swing over to pinkbike and read all the comments on there... if you have the time to write a comment it would be worth your while to check them out.

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